A tedious day of organizing finances, engaging with various customer service reps and shopping for new rubber on my ride is finally winding down.  On the drive out here I completed one final call to my bank seeking resolution for a very minor issue with the online banking tool whilst wandering the aisles of the local hardware store to pick up a piece of flashing and a handful of tapping screws for a door repair.  I was ravenous and just devoured a leftover ice-cold ham sub washed down with a PBR as my phone is sitting on the charger following a very active day.  I’ve nearly completed severing financial ties with my wife switching over the auto insurance, cellular plan and EZ-Pass accounts.  Yesterday in a neighbor’s yard sale I managed to unload an outdoor table set and split the proceeds with her 50/50, despite having agreed that the set was mine to keep.  It is one more gesture of diplomacy and fairness as we unravel the knot we tied nearly 4 years hence.

I’ve got a tele-class with an introduction to life-coaching as a profession in about an hour.  The Washington Capitals will be facing off against the New York Rangers in Game 2 action and I’ll likely have it on the television with the volume low as I dial in for the 2 hour class.  It would seem a bit preposterous, if not comical for someone whose life is in shambles to entertain such a lofty professional role as “life coach.”  Yet, I suspect many successful coaches had been erstwhile disasters and having grown through adversity go on seeking to impart what they’ve learned to others who share a similar predicament.  I know in my nearly 40 years that I’ve got a much better idea of what not to do than what to do in various areas of my life from health and wellness to finances to partnerships.  People are going to make their mistakes and hold their grudges and face seemingly insurmountable odds, of this we know for certain.  Sometimes they just need someone to offer an inspired perspective to relate to them in overcoming the obstacles.  This is much how I operated in my last professional role as a self-dubbed “educational life coach.”

The sweat lodge last night once again humbled me as the heat cranked up from lava rocks well-stoked in the sacred fire, or “ancestors” as they’re called in ceremony.  It wasn’t so much the physical heat, although at one point my skin shivered in response to the steam rising up like a mushroom cloud and spilling down from overhead.  Rather, it was the subject matter as the master of ceremonies Tahwehdahqui dialed in quoting Einstein, then went on and challenged the men and women to embrace the discomfort by replying, “I choose to be here.”  It is much the same in life as we face stressful circumstances that we’ve created of our own volition.  The trick is in practicing gratitude for all of what life delivers unto us, the good, bad and the ugly.  If we’re only grateful on the sunny days that leaves a good deal of time feeling helpless victims of circumstance.  Our reality comes to us, through us and for us.  Blaming, complaining, criticizing and making excuses are how we react when we feel powerless.  We’ve been conditioned to give our power away to this world of form, and to begin taking our power back with love and goodness to all concerned is the path of a spiritual warrior.

Before the lodge I had the pleasure of meeting up with a lady friend Jen at her son’s baseball game.  She had called the night before unexpectedly to say hello as I was wandering through the woods near the beach at dusk.  When she shared that she’d be in my neck of the woods for Tyler’s travel league I offered to come by for a visit, to which she graciously accepted.  It was a nice, albeit brief encounter sharing a space on a blanket amidst a cool, radiant spring afternoon.  We chatted while cheering on the team, despite going down in defeat.  At one point she paused to admire a honey bee gathering pollen from a dandelion just in front of us.  It was an endearing moment to witness someone taking such pleasure in something so simple as a tiny creature going about its business.  I smiled and took a photo later sending it to her phone.  Companionship is one of life’s great gifts and for an hour I indulged before departing.

In common wealth,