The steam bath continues for a third straight day of unseasonably mild temps.  Sweat was pouring from my brow as I tidied up the yard mowing on the old John Deere rider and trimming the perimeter before edging out around the sugar maple that we installed last fall.  I met the neighbor directly behind us for the first time, the grandson and namesake of baseball hall of famer Christy Mathewson.  He’s a genteel, if not feeble, old man who expressed gratitude that I was knocking down the growth along the side of his house where it’s too tight a squeeze to get a mower.  He asked me if I’m in school obviously noticing that I’ve been out here more often than normal of late.  I replied that I’m just spending more time near the water and helping out my folks with upkeep.  He seemed agreeable to my response and went about his business.

I’m now relaxing after my chores waiting for the cable guy to come and install high-speed Internet service.  They gave me the customary 4 hour window of time and it is nearing completion of their estimated time frame.  I’m not in any particular hurry and am actually enjoying the bird songs with the windows open on this idyllic afternoon.  However, I do have some friends coming over in a couple of hours to partake in a potluck meal and perhaps bonfire on the beach if the weather holds.  I’m looking forward to a fun, albeit low-key gathering with some really stellar people, the “commonwealth” as it were.  This is the good life in my estimation.

The lake was placid as I’ve seen it since my folks acquired this modest ranch nearly 2 years ago.  I took a cruise down on the quad to dispose of a bucket of weeds and mud pausing to snap a shot of a storm cloud suspended over the distant horizon in hues of blue and gray.  One of the neighbors Teddy dropped by to catch up as I hadn’t seen him since last summer.  Sadly, he informed me that his wife’s father had recently been killed when he was hit by a car during a morning jog.  News of my divorce paled in comparison as I offered my condolences and he responded in kind.  We made plans to relocate a shuffle board that’s been sitting in the garage from the previous owner whose son owned a bar.  He invited us down to the beach later for a bonfire if he can get his wife up for a social outing as she’s been grieving in solitude since the tragic incident.  I can relate to her pain on an order of magnitude lesser.

In common wealth,