The energy is strong pulsating in my heart and root chakras most potently.  I’ve been feeling a strong sexual desire for much of the day and until just now hadn’t a particular explanation for the intense upwelling of energy.  My friend Dana noted the “super moon” which peaked in full moon splendor overnight bathing the planet in its reflected radiance as it hadn’t since 1993.  Seeing as I have not a partner to indulge in pleasures of the flesh I am instead grazing upon leftovers from the gathering the other night as the smoke alarm is now ringing in response to the toaster oven filled with my friend Amy’s most incredible homemade pizza.  The LA Kings are near completing a sweep of the St. Louis Blues on this gorgeous Sunday afternoon as I once again dispense my thoughts, insights and happenings.  Once this one is published into the annals of the blogosphere I’m headed for the water to commune with the elements.

The couple I had lined up as potential land contract buyers for the house were a no-show earlier today.  Perhaps the super moon diverted them to other activities.  I didn’t even get a call like I’d requested if something came up.  Yesterday I rushed home from the beach to let a realtor in with her clients only to have them turn their noses up at the place.  I wanted to mow the lawn before they showed up and didn’t get to it in time.  Selling a house is truly a chore and in this current market the challenge is greater than normal.  We’re now 4 months on the market with just a single offer and if it doesn’t sell in a couple of months we’re going to face the consequences.  I may just have to suck it up and run a Craigslist ad for a rental property.  I’d much prefer to have it off my hands and mind, but I’ll surrender to what is best for all concerned.  The Universe is taking care of the details as it conspires on my behalf.

I skipped a friend’s 60th birthday shindig at a local pub and my cousin’s First Communion reception opting instead for solitary refinement.  I put together an estimate for a prospective client that I met with yesterday afternoon at her late father’s home in Silver Creek.  She’s fixing the place up in preparation for a move to steward the residence and there is plenty of tree trimming, gardening and brush removal to be done.  During our meeting she shared with me that her father lived to 95 years of age working 7 days a week, sometimes 12-14 hours per day at his auto shop, and kept fit gardening around the house while opting for dandelion and burdock greens with homemade pasta sauce over the meat and potatoes that comprise the staple of modern American meals.  I was amazed at the longevity and it sounds as though he enjoyed not only quantity of life, but an above average quality of life too.

Looking ahead to my week there’s some gardening gigs lined up as well as a lunch with a recently forged professional connection.  I will also be joining my parents, sister and brother-in-law for a Mother Of All Breakfasts at  Sonoma Grill on Friday morning.  I was selected as a winner on a local radio station promotion for my submission detailing why I feel that my mother is deserving of the honor.  Apparently, they embraced what I’d had to say and so we will enjoy an opportunity to celebrate the woman responsible for being a portal into this rapidly changing world.  I meant every word in the brief entry and when I informed her of the news I could tell she was moved by such a simple gesture from a loving son.  In giving support we receive support.

In common wealth,