My evening is winding down following a pleasant visit with a female companion who left just a short while ago.  We picked up a bite to eat and a couple of beers before taking a walk along the beach with overcast skies no less inspiring to the soul.  The New Jersey Devils are pushing the Philadelphia Flyers to the brink of elimination and randomly I’ve been lead to a You Tube clip of the final fight scene in Karate Kid.  The tangent began with tuning in to Eye of the Tiger on local radio, which of course ended up posted to my timeline, followed by a Rocky IV training scene and eventually to Danielson!  With my craving for female companionship satiated I am now feeling pensive, if not docile.

Earlier in the day I made it to the gym for a brisk workout, then to Pep Boys for an oil change, then I closed out the joint checking account I’d shared with my wife for the last several years before meeting up with a recently forged connection for lunch.  Natilee wanted to pass along some more samples and literature on the essential oils she’d introduced me to at the health fair where we’d crossed paths.  I determined that wild orange oil is one for me as it helps with transition, over-seriousness, scarcity and grieving.  We had a really engaging conversation over salads and the energy was unavoidably flirtatious at various intervals.  Turns out she has much in common with my ex-wife, an Aquarius, 37 years of age and an extraordinary drive for physical fitness.  I behaved myself honoring marital boundaries, and having met her husband who by all accounts came off as a good, honest man, I was reminding myself to maintain a professional, albeit playful demeanor.  She confessed that running her own wellness business is a stretch for the comfort zone, adding that she’s not very good at sales.  I replied that so long as you’re passionate about what you’re sharing with others the selling will flow, provided you do have the self-confidence to sell yourself by leading your prospect to the next step in the process, otherwise known as a “soft close.”  She appreciated the advice and before we knew it an hour and half of laughter and insight had passed as I made a sudden exit to get the dog over to the groomers for a long overdue trim.

This will be my 90th post once I click publish and that’s symbolic of the passing of time since I began this Daily Log 2012 way back in mid-winter.  I appreciate all of you who have been reading along post after post and for those more intermittently as you’re moved to read.  I’m just now recalling a thread I was actively volleying within to begin the day that lead to someone inquiring if I was part of a cult known as “commonwealth” and if another friend on the thread was the leader, or “head honcho” as he characterized it.  I played along with his rhetoric and as he escalated to taunting I simply responded without getting drawn in to the charge.  Naturally, things diffused before a couple of others chimed in with more general observations on the diatribe.  It was a nice opportunity to witness how speaking of pursuing what inspires you is indicative of a counter-culture, an alternative model to the quiet desperation which drives most of us to carry on miserably in our unfulfilled lives.  Cognitive dissonance.  He clearly felt threatened and, semantics aside, his allegations of a cult were not entirely off the mark.  Yet, I’m more interested in finding common ground than drawing lines in the sand between us and them.

In common wealth,