Friday evening at the house in Hamburg with heavy eyes after a thorough day of yard work both here and at the lake house.  The day began bright and early with breakfast at Sonoma Grill for an early Mother Day’s gift.  I’d won the breakfast from a radio promotion good for a table of six and we had four show up as one of my aunts had forgotten, as did my sister.  In any event, it was a fun outing and my mother was noticeably moved as DJ Rob read what I’d submitted for the online contest.  He then put my father live on the air asking him what he’d enjoy for a Father’s Day promotion to which my Dad replied with a grimace, “PBR’s, hot dogs and a picnic table at Ellicott Creek Park.”  I think his humor was a jab at one of his colleagues who had years ago allegedly been caught enjoying himself in his car while gazing at young boys.  I was reminded where I get my sometimes sardonic sense of humor.  We were then joined by Sue O’Neill who broadcasts for the afternoon shift on Star 102.5 and she eagerly purchased 4 tickets to the fundraiser, further offering her services to emcee the event should we be in need.  I thought that to be a mighty fine gesture of support on her part.

My exhaustion stems from being up way passed my bed time catching up with a friend I hadn’t seen in a few years.  Michelle is the quintessential independent woman running her own home-based business in digital downloads with themes ranging from happiness to lighthouses in quotes and images.  We’d nearly dated having met at the same time as my wife and I, although as I confessed to her last night, I found her intimidating and so opted to pursue the less challenging option you might say.  That didn’t work out so well for me as is the case when fear is the influence.  So we caught up over a few hours as the clock shifted past midnight I prepared to depart before she apprehended me to share some insights.  She prefaced what was something of an admonishment, if not a slap upside the head, complimeting my physical appearance- tall, dark and handsome.  She then moved into the heart of her assessment that I could be an “all-star” if I’d just step up, get my shit together and put myself fully into something.  She went on to explain that it appears as though I’m trying to prove myself to someone and need only prove my worth to myself.  I couldn’t disagree with her, although curious how conscious she is of the reflection I am for her.  Nonetheless, despite some mild flirting on my part, which seemed only to buttress her point, she concluded with a line from an 80’s cult classic, The Outsiders, “Stay gold Ponyboy!”

And so here I am awaiting friends to arrive as we gather in common wealth for a “closing ceremony” of sorts to move things forward with sale of the house.  I’m going to light a fire and enjoy the company of some members of my soul family.  We have a statue of St. Joseph that we intend to bury as a traditional rite when selling a home.  I’m not the superstitious type, yet I’m at a point where I am open to embracing any means available, legal, ethical and moral, naturally.  I suspect it will be an early night for me as I have plans to help my brother finish up his landscaping first thing in the morning.  I’ve also got a former co-worker who reached out for some advice on the backyard in his new home.  The remainder of the weekend is then open until Sunday evening for Mother’s Day dinner at my sister and brother-in-law’s house.  I’ll likely wind up back at the beach for a spell.

In common wealth,