Exhaustion has me in a bit of a fog after arising from yet another power nap in the wake of two consecutive nights up passed by bedtime and early to rise.  The gathering in common wealth the night before last went well beyond midnight and I was up at daylight to prepare for assisting my brother in his landscape makeover.  As I was lying on the sofa a few moments ago with the dog nestled in my arms I noticed a shortness of breath, as if I just couldn’t take a deep enough gulp of air to satisfy my lungs.  I’m also noticing some irritability as I’m reminded how essential sleep is to maintain balance, especially amid all the upheaval and transition presently underway.  I’ll be heading out shortly to my sister’s for a Mother’s Day dinner as I anticipate a return to a more normal sleep pattern.

I was able to get 8 solid hours of sleep last night, but the deficit remains.  After going out to breakfast with my mother and father I installed the new faucet for the kitchen sink, which was a minor ordeal requiring patience, and it is running a thin.  Nonetheless, after an hour of knuckle busting in a tight cavity beneath the sink I emerged victorious as my mother expressed her gratitude, as did my father having saved him the trouble.  While I am making such abundant use of the space I am attentive to remain useful in keeping the balance.  I wasn’t raised to take without giving back, a practice which serves to sustain and groom relationships, particularly close bonds.  It is always the perfect blend of support and challenge as love can be both kind and cruel.

In looking to the week ahead I’ve got quite a bit on the schedule in terms of landscaping with a curbing job and planting on the docket.  In keeping myself physically engaged I’m noticing my body restoring itself to a leaner, stronger form as I’ve enjoyed in years past.  I feel good about myself when I am in top physical condition, and when I feel good I am more inclined to take good care of myself, building momentum in a nurturing cycle.  Self-love is a powerful practice and truly to evolve one self through expanding the capacity for love is an immense contribution to humanity, and all creation.  In so doing we inspire others to grow in self-love and move our species forward from the darkness of fear which has served its purpose in this corner of the Universe for countless generations.  We are the ones we’ve been waiting for.

In common wealth,