It’s been wonderful to gather with some new faces in recent weeks at the beach in Angola and at my home pending sale in Hamburg.  I’m reminded how blessed I am to be surrounded by such an abundance of like-minded souls during this snapshot of existence.  I have good news to announce our next gathering will be Friday June 1st at Matt and Amy’s sanctuary .

For those of you who are curious the “Commonwealth” began in autumn 2010 when Matt, Amy and I got together at my place to discuss forming a group that meets on a regular basis.  Several of us had actually met a couple of times years prior with a similar intention of doing something together as a group.  Initially, we had our sights set on real estate investing as a mutual endeavor; however, after several initial meetings it was determined our inspirations were quite diverse and nobody was feeling particularly inspired about investing time, money and energy into real estate.

Thus, as we grew to a few “corp” members we enjoyed gathering together to discuss personal challenges in our lives, on the job, in relationships, etc. while also exploring possible “projects” to do as a group.  We did tend a vegetable garden at my home for a season that yielded some really big and juicy heirloom tomatoes along with eggplant and culinary herbs.  We spent an overnight at Mark & Courtney’s in the hills of northern Cat County for a retreat to focus on a mission statement.  Despite several hours of discussion we could only agree on the beginning, “In common wealth we gather…”  The retreat was now over a year ago and we’ve continued to gather in common wealth.

Yesterday we rallied together in support as we buried one of our feline friends, Sampson, who was hit by a car in front of Matt & Amy’s home.  I felt a strong connection to this little rascal and had provided his namesake when asked for suggestions.  He was a mischievous and affectionate cat who will be missed, RIP Sammy.  Later in the day I delivered a half yard of topsoil to fill a recently constructed raised bed in preparation for transplanting several vegetable plants started weeks ago by Amy.  Prior to this we had dug up several boxwood (transplanted up on the reservation) to prepare an area for construction of a chicken coop.  Matt tends to an indoor wheatgrass garden while Erin pitches in to keep things moving forward.  There is talk of raising tilapia in rain barrels too.  It is truly an honor to work within such a cohesive unit.

Over the course of time we’ve developed a process, or ceremony if you will, that includes contributing money to 3 jars labeled “tithing”, “investing” and “savings.”  The concept was borrowed from Rich Dad Poor Dad (Robert Kyosaki) and at the beginning of each meeting those in attendance offer $1 per jar.  We call them “PIF jars” as in “pay it forward.”  The fund had grown to several hundred dollars before we unanimously decided to apply a portion of it to a private sweat lodge lead by Tahwehdaqui a few weeks ago.  For those of you do not know him well, he is a truly genuine leader, and sometimes a comedian, that has profoundly touched the lives of hundreds, if not thousands of people over the last several decades.  Some of us have taken classes with him to learn about our rhythm and patterns, or the subconscious programming that gives form to the recurring circumstances of our lives.  The Commonwealth has certainly been inspired by the class with T, as well as many other spiritual influences in text, including but not limited to the following:

Ishmael – Daniel Quinn

Celestine Prophecy – James Redfield

Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance – Robert Pirsig

A New Earth – Eckhart Tolle

You Can Heal Your Life – Louise L. Hay

The Biology of Belief – Bruce Lipton

Following the PIF jar contribution we then move into “OMG” for “opening moment of gratitude” where each individual has an opportunity to share what they have gratitude for in their life.  From here we like to open it up and “talk shop” allowing the conversation to unfold organically as we’re moved.  It is similar to a talking circle, except here the talking is not restricted to any one individual at a time.  We hold a safe space for people to be vulnerable and share whatever it is they feel compelled to share.  What we find in engaging one another on a deeper level is that buttons will get pushed, and not for any malevolent intention other than the energy matches for people to have an upset, or dissonance.  It helps to have other neutral people in the group offer their perspective, or even if they have a charge around something that was said or implied, the input can have a nice way of serving our understanding of why it’s happening.  Through this process we have an opportunity to learn more about who we are, what we fear, what we’ve been unwilling to love and how we interact within the Universe.  In so doing we expand our comfort zone consciously participating in evolution and enter new metaphysical territory.

In common wealth,


In recent times we have seen a huge split develop between a classic culture and a romantic counterculture… two worlds growingly alienated and hateful toward each other with everyone wondering if it will always be this way, a house divided against itself. – Robert Pirsig Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance