Another unseasonably mild spring day with sunshine and blue skies as temps soar into the 80’s.  I spent the better part of the morning sprucing up the yard with a load of mulch and a freshly mowed lawn in preparation for the open house tomorrow afternoon.  We also lucked out as the adjacent vacant lot was mowed for the first time since late last season and had been a likely deterrent for would-be buyers.  I’ve had my fair share of sun with a bronze complexion over the last several days culminating in utter exhaustion last night as we dined in honor of my sister’s birthday.  I had several offers for social outings including a fundraiser, beach tennis and a meditation group, all of which I had to pass up in favor of sleep.  I am well rested, although my body remains a bit fatigued from the exertion.  It’s not unlike a fitness regimen for a tri-athlete I would speculate, if I just added in some cardio such as running or biking to round it out.  Making hay when the sun shines is sure to shed pounds and sculpt the physique.

This evening I have the follow-up shindig for my sister as she celebrates with her larger circle of friends and family.  The weather couldn’t be more conducive to an outdoor party and I suspect there will be some late night shenanigans, although not for me as I’m catching up on a sleep deficit preparing for another busy week ahead.  The fundraiser is now less than a week away and I was in the office with Chris yesterday afternoon making follow-up calls to area restaurants seeking gift certificate donations for the auction.  I managed to lock in 3 donations and have a couple of call backs scheduled for Monday.  The last-minute hustle is gaining momentum and the scramble to collect funds is full on.  It feels good to have played a role in promoting the event to cover costs associated with the camp for which I will volunteer as a mentor in August.

I just got off the phone with Minde from the Blue Heron Festival regarding some questions I had about volunteering for the weekend.  My buddy Matt & I have been scheduled to work on the parking lot crew in exchange for a weekend pass including music, nature and good times.  Speaking of which he just called me asking if I have a post-hole digger available as they’re ready to begin construction on the chicken coop.  We reviewed a couple of alternatives and he’s going to proceed with a concrete cinder block footer tying it in to a couple posts on an existing trellis.  I also offered up my rain barrel as a contribution toward a proposed tilapia farm.  Matt inquired further if I’d be available to consult with he and another friend about expanding a garden operation and ideas for general landscaping sometime next week and so now my schedule has filled in some more.  Life is abundant and teeming with potential.

In common wealth,