I just emerged from an epsom salt and essential oil bath as I contend with utter exhaustion.  I was too tired to even make it down to the beach to visit my mistress before she dipped below the horizon.  I have not visited her in days and I suspect she may be missing me, as I miss her.  The last several weeks have been moving at a dizzying pace with landscaping, commonwealth gatherings, caretaking for 2 homes and preparing for a major fundraiser which took place last evening at Statler City.  By all accounts it was a success with only a minor glitch in the sound system for the start of the awards and honors from various speakers.  Following the event I migrated back to a friend’s place for an after-hours party that lasted well into the pre-dawn hours.  After not 1 but 2 beer runs I was in no condition to drive and opted for the sofa until sunrise.  From there I headed off to install a new front landscape for some friends in Williamsville who were ecstatic upon completion of the makeover.

So here I am now fighting heavy eyelids on this sultry spring evening as my body, mind and spirit crave rest.  Forcing a camel through the eye of a needle will do that to you.  I amazed myself that I was able to muster up the energy to not only put in 6 hours of sweat labor today, but also got the lawn mowed here at the beach and everything looking good for the upcoming long holiday weekend.  I received a document in the mail today from my wife’s lawyer regarding loss of health insurance within 30 days of the divorce proceeding.  I know it’s just a formality in the process and I’m reminded that I haven’t had health coverage in nearly 12 years.  The neighbor Ted just dropped over to firm up plans for building a bonfire on the beach Saturday.  I’ve got an event as host to have folks out and enjoy a party along the shores of Lake Erie.  I’m really looking forward to some much-needed R&R this weekend.  That’s all I got people, sweet dreams…

In common wealth,