So this is post number 100 and I wonder if there shouldn’t be a celebration of sorts to commemorate the milestone, nah, it’s just another day for you and me in paradise.  Today was productive as my father and I sank eight 4″ x 4″ posts to prepare for a new deck in the backyard.  I did all the digging and spared my old man the exertion as he assisted by pouring the cement mix into the holes to set each post as we cranked it out in just over a half day.  The next-door neighbor dropped by to check up on us and it was the first time I’d seen Ginny in a couple of years.  She appeared gaunt and her mind was notably diffuse as she rambled on asking how long we’ve been living next door and had remarked at one point that she can’t recall it ever snowing.  It was a bit sad, although not unusual for someone in their mid 80’s I suppose.  She then went further back into her long-term memory sharing a story about growing up with the McCarthy’s and the McSorley’s employing an Irish brogue for good measure.  I wasn’t sure if she recognized me as I clarified that I was 10 years old when we moved to the neighborhood.  She was a favorite amongst the kids as she’d hand out candy daily.

After the deck project I migrated out to the beach house and devoured a Subway eat fresh before mowing the lawn.  After that I hopped on the quad and visited my mistress snapping a photo as she shone several degrees above the horizon lighting up the lake like a million diamonds.  I took a call scheduling an appointment for prospective renters to come see the house tomorrow afternoon.  They’re calling for rain tomorrow, a thorough soaking rain like we haven’t had in weeks, and so I am planning on a day off.  The rest will be greatly appreciated.  Yesterday we ran out 267 feet of concrete curbing in Eden, a larger scale job further compounded by a sinus infection that is now nearly subsided.  A few moments ago I indulged in an essential oil bath serving to soothe sore muscles and open up nasal passages.  Now here I blog into the annals of mystery while sipping an ice cold Heineken out of a can…

In common wealth,