I just returned to home base after a brisk ride on my Schwinn cruiser along the bike path the town installed just last year.  The lake has retreated considerably from its advance onto shore in recent days with low pressure fronts lingering and now shifting to a northeasterly flow creating an uncharacteristic saiche at the western basin.  Typically west and especially southwesterly winds force the water to the eastern end with waves crashing ashore onto Route 5 and over break walls designed to mitigate storm surge.  The shift from unseasonably hot and dry weather to cooler and damper has been dramatic, allowing for a much-needed respite.  I’ve been out here at the beach since yesterday afternoon following participation in a meditation group that I hadn’t been to connect with in a couple of months.  It finally feels like time is slowing down and I am welcoming an opportunity to catch my breath.

I had intentions to meet up with my old man and move forward with phase II of the deck construction after we set posts last week.  With showers looming I asked him if he’d like to re-schedule for later in the week with warmer and drier conditions in the forecast, to which he agreed.  I’ve spent the better part of the day engaging the social network, as I often do, to the point where some friends and family like to bust my balls about the frenzied pace of activity.  I think it was Aristotle who said we are social beings, and I am most certainly one.  However, I do also enjoy my “sabbaticals” as I like to call periods of time ranging from a few short hours to several weeks where I in effect tune in, turn on and drop out, except without the aid of psychotropic substances.  The weather pattern has also slowed the pace of landscaping gigs and the end result is a much appreciated intermission to rest and recharge.

It is interesting to note that I am much calmer than I’ve been in recent months., or years for that matter.  Perhaps it is finally sinking in to my subconscious that everything is ok and I am actually doing quite fine despite the dismantling of a life I built in vain.  I am finally unwinding from decades of anxiety, although I understand there will be many anxious moments to come in this lifetime, I am spending less and less time worrying about silly shit like money, reputation, employment, romance or my station in this life.  None of that matters.  I am connecting to something amazing that is growing up inside my heart and expressing throughout my soul.  To think I could still be living that desperate life is utterly incredulous to ponder.  I am tapping inspiration and it is a reality that I fear too few will ever come to know.

In reviewing the stages of my life I’ve had to negotiate a tremendous set of peaks, and like the intrepid mountaineer have sought out the lowest possible navigation route in the highest terrain, otherwise known as a pass, or bealach for the Gaelic reader.  I am reminded of a favorite tune by Rush, The Pass, written in 1989 when I first became a fan and bought their album Presto.  “We all get lost in the darkness, dreamers learn to steer by stars…turn around and walk the razor’s edge…don’t turn your back and slam the door on me.”  It is as if the soul is crying out to the mind, “Do not forsake us, instead be guided by us to your highest potential…”  I imagine this experience is not unlike what Lewis & Clark encountered as they headed westward through the Rockies, and now rather than discovering new geographical territory it is an emerging metaphysical frontier that becomes the promised land.

If I am a consciously evolving being seeking to co-create an awakened society where members are fully in tune with their divinity I can only lead by example, and to do so I must venture into the unknown terrain, moving through layer after layer of fear-based conditioning that has been passed on for generation after generation.  Fortunately, I am not alone as there is a growing segment of our modern culture seeking to be the change and assisting one another in the journey.  This path is not for everyone, although anyone may choose it.  To bring in a higher vibration to me, through me and for me is a gift when achieved with the solidarity of others in like-mind and heart.

In common wealth,