It is Sunday evening and I’m sitting at the kitchen table where this written odyssey began nearly a half-year ago.  It is overcast and I’m in a bit of a malaise after a couple night’s staying up passed by bed time.  I feel moved to write for the first time in several weeks, perhaps more just to check in with myself than to yield any valuable insights.  My ex-wife has moved out of the house, although an assortment of her belongings remain scattered throughout the premises.  It was another level of grieving the dissolution of our bond.  I do have renters lined up who intend to sign a 1 year lease and make their deposit later in the week.  Barring an unanticipated offer on the house before August 1st I will for the first time in my life have an experience in the role of landlord.  I feel good about the selected tenants, a 30-something couple each with a kid from a previous relationship looking to start a life together.  I’d contacted their references, a friend and parent, both of whom re-assured me that I’d be renting to responsible and agreeable people.

I sold a decent size landscape a few days ago that should net me some much-needed pocket change.  I’ve been blessed to keep up on bills as I continue this unprecedented quantum leap on the ascension path.  We had our first heat wave just as summer officially arrived with the solstice temps hitting 90 with humidity making it difficult for the body to cool itself.  Fortunately, I was not busy with much work with just a single tree planting for a customer referred to me by a local nursery.  I also helped put together a 10 minute workout routine to be recorded live at a demo next weekend with Joe Delamellieure coming to town.  I’m looking forward to serving as a “wellness coach” of sorts when we begin classes in a couple of weeks.  All the landscaping has served to restore me to a level of fitness I’d strayed from in recent years.  This will be another medium to inspire, empower and educate.

Last night I enjoyed companionship with a new female friend over cocktails.  We’d crossed paths when I opened a checking account a couple months ago and I was immediately struck by her energy.  She is an attractive blond, just a bit my senior, and when I opened the account her supervisor graciously informed me that Candy is single.  Stepping out of my comfort zone I emailed her the following day expressing an interest in meeting up for a drink.  She replied and indicated that while she was flattered she was also seeing someone.  Earlier this week I’d been driving by the bank and noticed a pretty lady entering the building, reminding me of her.  I sent a follow-up email and sure enough it was she, and she was no longer seeing the other guy, thus clearing the way for us to meet.  We spent 4 hours alternating with goofiness and talk more serious in nature about the notoriously volatile topics of religion, money, politics and sex, with a fair share of time in discussion invested on the latter.  We kissed good night at her vehicle and she is off to California today to visit family.  There is definite chemistry and the foundation for rapport.  We’ll see how goes in 2 weeks.

In common wealth,