The summer heat continues as I have the AC circulating from 3 separate windows here at the beach house.  Heavy feelings have set in despite otherwise “good news” of accepting an offer on the house.  The ex-wife has drawn a line in the sand having convinced herself that splitting the modest equity in the home 50/50 amounts to me screwing her over.  I am firm in my position that it is a fair and square arrangement, at the expense of transitioning to a friendship.  She’s asked me to cease and desist any further contact with her, other than updates on sale of the house.  Despite the fact she is no longer part of my life in any intimate or even meaningful way, my heart sank at the news.  I’m rather inclined to maintain bonds with others with whom I cross paths, although when it comes to romance entanglement can be messy, if not destructive.  I am now left with an opportunity to process in embracing the feelings of sorrow and mourning primarily, with a periodic dose of anger and ensuing fits of primal release.  In such moments I am apt to remind myself why I came to this world.

In other news, my professional ventures are gaining traction as a new landscape partnership has emerged between myself and my realtor who suggested we hook up to share our skills and resources in an industry in which we’ve both enjoyed degrees of success.  Yesterday we invested a few hours pouring stamped concrete curbs for displays at area garden centers and for future landscape shows, including a heart-shaped curb out front of his homestead in East Eden.  We then laid out 3 curbs in an arc configuration Belgian block style on the concrete floor of his barn, two of which are earmarked for strategically located retail sites to gain exposure.  While the landscape season is already halfway over, we anticipate some end of season action as we stage a joint venture for the 2013 season.  Of course anything could happen between now and then resulting in another direction for me.

Speaking of which, the Joe D Band Classes we launched out of the chiropractic office early last month have gotten off to a strong start.  I’ve now lead 8 groups of people in a series of resistance training exercises as part of a Wellness Revolution.  Last night before we started with the exercises I asked folks to re-visit their “Why?’ which was included as an item on their member applications.  Most of them looked at me like deer in the headlights as I explained it is our “Why?” that will keep us going, especially when it comes to our health and wellness, which we tend to dismiss or overlook.  Many of them had noted on their applications things like, “weight loss”, “flexibility”, “tone”, “more energy” all of which amount to “feeling good.”  We all want to feel good, and when our bodies are out of balance it becomes exceedingly difficult to do so.  I’m delighted to be in a role that fits my mission of inspiring, empowering and educating.

In common wealth,