I’m sitting here at the lake house nursing a swollen knee on an unseasonably sultry September afternoon.  According to the doctor’s opinion it is the result of a mild tear in the medial mensiscus.  There is shooting pain when I pivot from left to right or any sort of twisting motion, otherwise I am fine moving it up and down in walking motion.  Whatever the case may be, I broke down last night and popped 800 mg of prescription Ibuprofen.  Needless to say, given my body’s relative unfamiliarity with synthetic pain killers, I become slightly euphoric sitting at the kitchen table watching the Dallas Cowboys dismantle the NY Giants.

I just returned to the keyboard after a good long soak in an Epsom salt bath with the focus on healing for my knee.  I rolled onto my side allowing complete submersion and gently massaged the area, noting where the pain was most intense.  I have no reason to dispute the doctor’s diagnosis, and am reassured of her opinion that it is possible for itself to heal, with sufficient care and attention.  Self-loathing is lethal, which is why pride is among the class of deadly sins.  I have demanded far too much of my body of late, and have been a bit reckless, and thus I accept full responsibility.  My life is full and I must make some room to nurture myself.  I’m coming off an epic transmutation, another quantum leap of self-reinvention through love, inspiration and faith.

My life is undeniably full with activities, projects and recreation, all of which can feel like work now and again.  Yet, I feel so blessed to behold the skills necessary to sustain myself.  The Joe D Band classes have leveled off to a consistent group of members showing up every Wednesday for resistance exercise training.  In about 10 days we will embark upon a 21 day purification program as an investment in our health mind, body and spirit.  I have several friends and class members expressing interest in participating and it will be a challenge to lead a few people through an unfamiliar program.  Nonetheless, I’ve managed to pull off conducting the classes with no formal training, essentially self-taught from video instruction and very limited hands-on demonstration.  I’m a fast learner and am always eager to grow.

Middle of last week I returned home from City Kids @ Summer Camp where I served as an adult chaperone within a group of 45 adolescent boys, a team of chaperones, junior chaperones and YMCA activity leaders.  It had been 6 years since my last camp experience and it felt like over a decade.  It was really great to be back in a role where you have an opportunity to mentor a developing human being, offering guidance, encouragement and discipline.  On the whole the boys were a respectful and appreciative group, save for a few of the older boys who are too cool to listen.   It was an honor to make new acqauaintances, including City Court Judge Craig Hannah, Buffalo Police officers Al Wright and Daryl Williams, with additional supporting cast, George the retired bank exec, Indian immigrant and refugee advocate, Minister Roberts replete with the good word and the venerable William Preston, officially dubbed Father Preston, as a figure for the kids to model.  All the hard work by Chris Delprince and the Butler Mitchell Alumni in fundraising, recruitment, filing required legal paperwork and leading a group for 5 days yielded a phenomenal return on investment.  It’s good to be back.

In other news I locked in a landscape job calling for several large blue spruce trees, ornamental grasses and finish grading within a pond area.  If all goes as estimated (which it generally does), it will be a lucrative contract for the business.  I was able to close this deal while working on the deck earlier this morning with my brother and father.  Finally, after starting it before the 4th of July it is finished, or at least our portion of the job.  My folks hired a skilled carpenter to build the stairs off the back door, and once that’s completed we will install some new plantings along the perimeter.  Despite warped wood and inexperience, it really did turn out well, requiring a couple innovations from my brother and I to fasten the peripherary.  It feels good to finish what you started.  In fact, it can be quite stressful to leave a legacy of unfinished business.

The beach is quiet and cool as the humidity that had been sizzling us earlier in the day has been reaplaced with a drier air mass, making for excellent sleeping conditions.  This Pabst Blue Ribbon is hitting the spot washing down a veggie burger spring mix wrap with a side of tortilla chips and hummus.  The sunset was rather obscured by clouds, although it still made for a decent snapshot uploaded to my preferred social media site.  I cannot recall as it’s been darn near a month whether I disclosed that I have a finally have a buyer for the house!  My father informed me today that he is nearly finished with our side of the legal docs for closing and we’re just waiting on the bank at this point.  We did have to adjust the original purchase price after an appraisal came in low for the buyer, who had already been granted seller concessions to assist him in financing.  I find it odd that an underwriter would issue a loan for someone who has $0 to contribute at the time of transaction.  Of course, we all know that nobody gets paid until a deal is done.  I am banking on this one to tie up a long, lingering loose end.  Nya:weh!

In common wealth,