Sitting at the kitchen table listening to my friend Jason Pfaff’s latest album release, Moon Bone, an eerily enchanting compilation of beats and tones that compliments the weather as a cold front sweeps across the region dumping much needed rain.  I awoke to a deafening thunderclap just a few hours ago and suspect the lake is rolling with cool gusts whipping across its surface.  I have my knee wrapped in an ice pack and elevated on a chair implementing R.I.C.E., rest ice compression and elevation.  There is marked improvement from 3 days ago when it felt as though the entire joint was dismantled.  It still feels tight and as expected significant inflammation.  I’m hopeful the upcoming purification program accelerates the healing process.

Tomorrow I will be on the stage as an orator at the first annual Transform Your Health @ The Wharf expo to discuss my thoughts on the topic of “Inspiration vs Desperation- how much of our lives are guided by faith or fear?”  I am scheduled for a 55 minute slot, and not even Bill Clinton spoke for that duration at the recent Democratic National Convention.  I’ve but a few notes jotted down as an outline to reference, and truly going with the flow of inspiration to see what insights, observations and sensations arise over the course of nearly an hour.  I’ve since modified the topic by adding “indifference” to the guiding factors, as there may be a space between moments when we neither feel inspired nor desperate, just sort of neutral, if not complacent.  As much as we make plans, our lives really are a moment to moment journey of thoughts, feelings and choices.  There is an element of mystery, and surrendering to the unknown brings peace of mind as we grow in love.

In reflecting upon my nearly 40 year journey in this lifetime I realize just how much of it has been driven by desperation; namely my marriage and most recent employment among the outcomes.  And while it can all lead to growth in awareness and acceptance, a desperate path depletes our life force,  or chi, with ensuing consequences ranging from pesky low energy levels to life-threatening degenerative dis-ease.  The pattern, or program often running our lives has been encoded from generations of our ancestors unaware of their divinity as creators.  We are now entering an era of awakening and evolution, punctuated equilibrium as it were.  These are desperate and exciting times with the choice to grow in love or die in fear presented to us with certainty.

In common wealth,


You are not separate from the whole. You are one
with the sun, the earth, the air. You don’t have a life. You are life.

-Eckhart Tolle