I just got out of the tub after enjoying about a 2o minute soak in warm water, folded some laundry and am now sitting in front of the TV with my knee wrapped in an ice compress watching the Buffalo Bills finish off the Kansas City Chiefs in the home opener.  Earlier this morning as I was on my way back to the house to purge the remainder of what is considered “junk” I got a text from the ex wanting me to show her the money.  Somehow she got the impression that the buyer had closed and already moved in.  My heart rate immediately increased and I was overcome with irritation, a button pushed.  At first I wondered how the fuck did the buyer get access to the house before we even get paid?  Then it clicked. She must have driven by and noticed that the realtor had taken the for sale sign down earlier last week.

Nonetheless, I gathered myself replying that nobody has moved in and we don’t even have a closing date.  I then proceeded with sorting through the remaining stuff, primarily originating with her possession, and created a pile roadside for the once monthly municipal large trash collection.  I figured with it being so early in the day, and a gorgeous sunny one to boot, that people would pick through the garbage and find some treasure.  I like to recycle and reuse wherever possible.  Sure enough a fellow in a half-ton pickup pulled up taking an old charcoal grill and a faulty stationary bike.  It felt good to purge as we move closer to the culmination of this epic residential epoch.

So the doctor who had diagnosed my knee injury was actually a trauma physician I’d been seeing for a few weeks.  She has since exited stage left claiming that it became too “intense” and she felt “obligated” in relationship to me, citing the recent breakup of a long-term romantic partnership.  It seemed to me based upon our conversation that her real concern was the 4 children she’s raising and how I might fit into that picture, which is completely natural.  I’ll be the first to admit that I’m not ready for a serious, intimate relationship, even when inspired, as I did feel with her in the brief time we crossed paths.  I suppose the fleeting nature of romance lends itself to rapid decay resulting in a choice to continue as “friends with benefits” or nip it in the bud.  I much prefer a clean cut over a torn one.

I’ve had ample time to myself of late with the summer season winding down following the holiday weekend.  My folks have been busy with their personal life allowing me sufficient space to take a breather from the world.  This interim residence is truly a Godsend, although by no means in my intermediate future, as I anticipate relocation following winter.  It’s not that I’m cautious to overstay my welcome, as I’m quite confident I’d be welcome here indefinitely with all the upkeep and bills, it is more so in keeping my focus on a vision unfolding with a small group of thoughtful citizens seeking to change the world “being the change.”  It is this vision I intend to explore more in depth with the imminent purification program re-calibrating and amplifying physical, mental and spiritual faculties.

In common wealth,