Shortly after I’d concluded the previous “nip it in the bud” post I received a call from my mother, and my heart sank before she even uttered a word with my intuition on high alert that something had been awry.  I attempted to make small talk mentioning the Bill’s resounding home opener victory, but that was clearly not the motive behind the contact.  Rather, she proceeded to explain how my cousin had attempted to take his own life, and if not for an immediate sense of regret, he may no longer be with us in body.  I went to visit him in the hospital yesterday and we chatted for a bit before the nurses ushered everyone out of the room to change the filter on the dialysis unit.  Today I am told he is in I.C.U. due to low platelet count.  Prayers abound for our beloved relative to pull through.  I’ll be returning to discuss with him some plans I have with him when he gets out of there, including forming a garage band where he can play lead guitar and I can drum, as well as join me in a business venture.  If either or both resonate for him having something to look forward to could serve to make this a turning point for him.

I took a soak in the tub, had some dinner and now a few dishes linger to be done.  I can feel part of my attention directed at the imminent chore while another part of me, winning out as of now, directs me to sit here listening to Gordon Lightfoot’s The Wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald whilst dispensing my thoughts, feelings and goings-on of late.   Earlier today I had sauntered on down to the lake and as I approached the access way the winds became noticeably gustier.  Sure enough the lake was whitecaps far as the eye can see with rolling waves surging onto shore.  The cool winds pierced my hoodie continuing on down the beach to loosen up the knee, which has been steadily progressing in recent days.

It seems the challenges arrive one after another, several weeks back we’d been camping for a “cousin’s party” at my uncle and cousin’s property in Wyoming County, and it was a phone call from my frantic mother regarding my father’s drunken stupor resulting in an episode of vomiting, followed by immobility, before finally staggering to bed.  Needless to say, it really jolted my sister, brother and I on the receiving end of such drama, no less surrounded by nature’s serenity.  Now it’s our cousin battling demons and fighting for his life, along with a healing knee and the final stages of selling a home.  It’s now a race to close before the mortgage company takes any firm action toward foreclosure.  The paper has gone to collections and I’ve received daily phone calls and multiple weekly mailings and emails, demanding past due payment by early next month.  My father informed me that the survey came in late last week and he has all required documents for the seller’s attorney, upon whose approval will set the bank into motion on originating a loan.

The Transform Your Health in 21 days purification program has been put on hold, in part due to lack of participation, and in part due to all the chaos unfolding the last couple days.  It is all this behind the scenes stuff going on in peoples’ lives that can make or break them, depending how you respond.  While without question serious matters to negotiate, all of the above can be used as an excuse to stand pat.  So I am going to start it up the day after next with inspiration guiding me and love expanding me to new metaphysical and physical territory.  I have no doubt it will be a challenge and when inspired anything possible becomes probable.

In common wealth,


“People don’t care how much you know until they know how much you care”
― John C. Maxwell