I’ve officially embarked upon the purification program as of this morning, the likes of which I haven’t engaged in over 6 years.  The last one I did was a 24 hour liver cleanse and a 3 day colon cleanse program.  I’ve had intentions ever since then to continue with at least a once annual detoxification protocol; however, my life became rather absorbed with other responsibilities, distracting me from my number one responsibility to my wellness.  I am noticing some immediate cleansing reactions including lower energy and fatigue, in part I am certain due to abstaining from caffeine.  Despite subsisting thus far on fruit smoothies for breakfast and lunch I’ve had just a couple of cravings for bread.  Mainly I’m just feeling more tired than normal as my body begins to purge.  I had a bit of struggle loading a mattress into the truck just a few moments ago, a significant drop off in physical strength.

Emotionally it has been a bit “heavy” with some sadness creeping in, particularly as I sliced up a pineapple taking me back to a time in the past where I was sharing a home with my now ex-wife.  It was a poignant reminder that I’m still grieving the dissolution of my marriage.  The feelings ebb and flow as I continue this post-apocalyptic transition in 2012.  Indeed, the veil has been lifted and while at times daunting, it is equally liberating to let go of conditioning that no longer serves my highest good.  Where it leads from here remains a mystery and I surrender to the guidance of my soul’s inspiration.  I’ve allowed myself to fall victim to phantom fears embedded in my subconscious and the ensuing desperation directing my choices.  The mindless chatter of my ego is now yielding to an omniscience within.

In the tub earlier this morning whilst soaking in very warm water I brought myself to ejaculation and experienced an exceptionally intense orgasm.  I’m curious if it has anything to do with the purification process underway, in particular the herbal supplements as part of the program.  I suppose it is not abnormal to notice an increase in sensory perception, although in such immediate fashion comes much to my surprise.  I recall the present sluggish malaise as I reflect back upon the fasting I’d once practiced on a regular basis.  This is an opportunity to hone my spiritual practice as I slow down and become more attuned to my higher self.

I have a couple of things on the agenda for later this afternoon including moving a couple more pieces of furniture from the house and then an appointment with my esthetician to get a Brazilian.  The sun is shining through the kitchen window on a mild late summer afternoon as the sound of construction equipment persists out back.  The Sante Fe skillet and blueberry pancake I was treated to by my friend and business partner Chris after band class last night continues to fester in my lower digestive tract.  I’m going to have a big salad for dinner.  I’ve plenty to keep me preoccupied over the next few weeks between tying up sale of the house and business development.  By all measures it is a successful launch to this journey.

In common wealth,


Purification is about the remembrance of God and the origins of the self