My energy levels are notably higher today, presumably as the caffeine withdrawal I experienced yesterday has subsided.  No doubt I felt heavy and lethargic crashing earlier than usual last night.  It’s easier to tolerate when you know what to expect on a purification program, but still can wear you down to the brink of collapse if you don’t go with the flow.  I slept for 10 1/2 hours, waking up with an ache all over my body that fortunately did not persist for more than a few minutes.  My dreams were lucid including one just before arising where I was out to dinner with a lovely young lady and bumped into some old friends I hadn’t seen in years, since my wedding day come to think of it.  We embraced with big hugs, felt so real and potent.  I let them know via email that they’re on my mind and miss them.

I just finished off a big bowl of salad for lunch; spring mix combined with finely diced broccoli, carrots, cabbage, cucumbers, bell pepper and half an avocado, with a light olive oil apple cider vinegar dressing.  I had developed an appetite after working out on the beach using the Joe D bands and taking a vigorous walk beneath overcast skies on a mild late morning.  My buddy JP just text me asking if I’d be interested in filling a vacancy at his employer, a driving school.  I replied that it’s something I’ll consider.  It is an independent contractor gig, meaning I can integrate it with my other projects for some extra pocket jingle, and with landscaping winding down I do need to consider other income streams.

I have a load of laundry in the washer and am going to depart shortly to visit my cousin at the hospital.  I’m told he is recovering nicely, physically, just as I’d expected he would.  The focus will soon, if it hasn’t already, shift to his psychological state of mind.  He’s been giving mixed signals on his outlook, symptoms of a splintered personality, from getting his life back on track to repeating the action that landed him in the ICU.  I’m not sure if my presence will influence him toward the former, but I won’t know if I don’t at least make an attempt.  All I know is that if I were in his shoes I’d appreciate the company of most anyone.  Sometimes we just need to know that others care about our well-being, and in time we may appreciate our own.

In common wealth.