Another good night’s sleep with lucid dreams, including one sexual in nature and another depicting me trying to explain a complicated business model to my father while indulging in oatmeal cookies and coffee.  When I awoke I’d thought I had failed on the purification program, then realizing with the aching in my lower back I was surely still on track with the detoxification protocol.  My parents came out and spent the night, rising before I making a ruckus sufficient to stir me from bed.  I’d laid there awake for at least 20 minutes paying close attention to every area of my body noting the enhanced sensitivity to energy flow along my meridians.  It is clear that the purification process is well under way and I’m grateful.

Indeed the smell of coffee brewing was an added challenge as my folks enjoyed their morning tonic, decaf for my madre and high-test for padre.  They’ve already departed for home leaving me with much appreciated solitude at this lakeside sanctuary.  It was actually nice to have some company last night as we chatted on the porch over drinks, wine for them and water for me, before concluding the evening with a movie, Friday Night Lights.  Overcast skies and a light rain provide an environment conducive to cleansing.  If it were unseasonably mild weather there’d likely be more activity out here and a distraction from the task at hand.

I was not able to see my cousin yesterday due to restricted hours of visitation, presumably because he’s been moved to the psychiatric ward for treatment, so I am going to stop in this afternoon to check on his progress.  I may stop at the house in Hamburg to retrieve a few more items for relocation. My father informed me of the good news that the buyer’s attorney has approved the contract and so we can now schedule a closing date in the near future.  I’m feeling a bit sleepy now as I type and think I’ll draw a bath to soak my weary body as it continues to purge that which impedes rejuvenation.

In common wealth,


With joy in your heart, you’re perfect.