It is chilly morning and the hot herbal tea I’ve substituted for coffee hasn’t served to warm my cool body.  I recall how sensitive the body becomes to ambient air temperature on a cleanse and I’m holding out to turn on the furnace.  Yesterday it was cool as well and having fired up the oven to roast some sweet potato fries with the stove top simmering lentil soup, the place warmed right up.  The Buffalo Bills defeated the Cleveland Browns taking their first road victory after 8 consecutive losses, despite losing star running back CJ Spiller.  It showed a lot of character for the team to prevail in the wake of a setback.

So I spent much of the day watching football while sifting through my inbox dating back to early 2010.  It was surreal reviewing correspondence with various contacts, personal and professional, including my ex-wife.  Despite the symphony of emotions arising, it did serve as a catharsis allowing me to continue releasing and letting go of past misgivings, thus clearing the way to invest energy in exciting new ventures.  I’m typing as I have Heresy by Rush cranking on YouTube, “Do we have to say goodbye to the past?   Yes I guess we do!”  Great tune from their Roll The Bones LP circa 1991.

After I wrap up this entry I’m going to head out and get some exercise with the Joe D Bands.  Later this afternoon I’ve got some tree trimming and shrub removal on tap at my folks’ house before gathering in common wealth with my dear friends Matt, Amy & Erin at The Barn in South Buffalo.  I’m looking forward to having some company after a couple solitary days immersed in introspection.  My cousin just left me a voice mail seeking to line up visitors to see his brother in the hospital this week.  I’m not sure if any of the other cousins have even been to see him.  I’m certainly open to paying another visit this week and hoping he is on track to be released before too long.

In common wealth,