Blue skies and bright sunshine to begin this cool, crisp morning as my fingers are notably chilled in lieu of an artificial heat supply.  My inner frugal German must be in charge as I refrain from firing up the furnace.  Last night I gathered with some of my most favorite people on the planet to further discuss a vision for purchasing a piece of property and setting up an intentional community.  We really do have an amazing synergy as a group having completed a repair project to make their chicken coop rat-proof.  The concrete slabs I’d removed from my folks’ house turned out to be a perfect fit for the job anchoring chicken wire to the adjacent shed where rats had tunneled to access the abundance of feed in the coop.  While my energy and strength remained sufficient for several hours of labor I did hit a wall noticing blood sugar drop considerably as I took a seat awaiting a meal.  Amy prepared a feast of delicious roasted vegetables, and despite being one of my favorite snacks I refrained from the tortilla chips with melted cheese appetizer, instead dipping sliced bell pepper into the homemade salsa and hot sauce.  With a belly full of goodness we chatted for about an hour on the vision, discussing among other subjects the practice of Qigong, wherein one learns to “stoke the Qi”, or life force enhancing youthfulness.

I had another series of lucid dreams including my brother breaking down in tears that he’d been diagnosed with testicular cancer and we embraced with the biggest bear hug I’ve felt in quite some time as I reassured him that together we’d get his body back in balance.  In another episode it was Christmastime and some of the family was preparing for festivities as my uncle suggested my father and I rent a luxury sedan from the country club for the day, to which I presented to my father and he responded gruffly that I should be the one picking up the tab, insinuating that I’m indebted perhaps.  As so I wonder of these two intensely emotional reveries what stirs in my subconscious to project this onto the movie screen.  Perhaps there is a latent fear of degenerative dis-ease deep within, and if so it would behoove me to release any resistance, for what we resist persists.  And what of the feeling of owing another, especially a family member, some repressed sense of lack and low self-worth brewing in my soul.  Dreams are just another tool for self-awareness and offer an opportunity for healing.

Later today I have a meeting to discuss a business opportunity in the emerging organic waste to energy industry, specifically formation of a hauling company to get food waste from area restaurants, grocers and soup kitchens to a proposed conversion plant.  Not only is it a potentially lucrative venture, but it is a noble one in that it would divert significant tonnage from landfills and instead convert it to electricity.  It would be refreshing to develop a profitable venture that works in harmony with natural systems, rather than in opposition.  This is something I may have investigated years ago while studying environmental science in college, including a campus project I co-founded composting food scraps from the cafeteria using a species of red worm known for its voracious appetite.  Indeed, as my body purges extraneous substances new opportunities for growth, personally and professionally, come into the flow.

In common wealth,