There is something significant about the number 7 and reaching the one-third checkpoint of this 21 day program confers a sense of achievement.  A light rain is falling with scattered showers throughout the region as another cold front moves through bringing below average weather temps.  Shortly after publishing yesterday’s entry I got word from my father that the house is set to close as soon as the end of the week.  I am of course relieved; however, I had not anticipated such an immediate time frame leaving me to scramble a bit for getting the remainder of my belongings out of the place.  I also moved quickly to obtain payoff figures for the mortgage and home equity line of credit, as well as scheduling stop service for gas, water and electric.  This will no doubt be an 800 lb. gorilla off my back freeing up creative energy going forward.

Last evening I met up with my prospective business partner Diana as we reviewed some of the data for a start-up company transporting organic waste to an as yet sited energy conversion plant.  I explained to her how my mind was elsewhere with the imminent closing and despite being so frazzled we did cover a good deal of territory from estimated tonnage to collection details to truck specs to projected profit.  There are some big players involved in what would ultimately be an 83 million dollar project with political ramifications.  We had originally been scheduled to meet with an individual to determine if there’s any interest in coming aboard as a managing partner; however, she had canceled due to a deadline at her job.  I mentioned that it appears she is already backing out, despite having expressed interest via social media chat.  So we may move forward without a third-party as we continue to flesh out the many nuances of our proposed venture.

Earlier this morning I had the good fortune of practicing Qigong with my buddy Matt and his recently moved in housemate Sifu.  We walked down to the beach under overcast skies as I lead them to a spot where a tree had splintered and fallen in the wake of a summer storm.  Being new to the practice Sifu gave provided a brief introduction to the Taoist philosophy before instructing us in the warmup sets, one of which involved squatting and knocking the knees together.  I was encouraged by the lack of any noticeable pain or discomfort, as has been the case since beginning the purification program.  I was amazed at how effortless Sifu appeared during the movement, pausing at intervals to encourage us both on form and acquaintance with feeling the Qi in our hands.  I noticed that after several repetitions of various movements my feet had sunk into the sand, whereas his had barely left a print.  He corrected me on my ‘mechanical’ movement emphasizing the importance of moving fluidly using the natural motion of the body.  I’d been wanting to practice this ancient healing art for years and the opportunity finally presented.  Years ago I had injured my shoulder practicing a much more physical version of a martial art, and I’d have been much better off with a more gentle, yet challenging Qigong routine.  I guess that saying holds true, when the student is ready the teacher will arrive.

It is now a heavy downpour and upon checking Doppler radar I see a small squall moving off the lake over our area.  Fortunately, that looks to be the end of it as the remainder of the system is well to the south of the state line.  I am grateful for the rain, especially in this very dry season; however, I have plans to move another load of stuff this evening on my way home from band classes.  It is my goal to be completely moved out by tomorrow afternoon and prepared for the house to close.  It will be just shy of 9 months since we listed the house on the market and that time frame has allowed space for growth.  I’m looking forward to closure on a major leg of this life’s grand journey.

In common wealth,