Dusk is setting on as I just returned from the beach snapping a few ritual photos of the sunset after lighting a small fire to incinerate a few lingering pieces of memorabilia from my marriage.  We’d had a trash can full of cedar shake siding that needed to be disposed of so I loaded it into the ATV trailer and cruised on down the road.  It served as wonderful kindling to conduct the ceremony.  The boxes burning atop the flames, I smiled looking out over the vast calm lake as a gust from the north whipped the smoke into a vortex.  I’ve had a ravenous appetite today, presumably from all the physical activity yesterday carrying into today with qigong, back to back band classes and the final 2 loads of belongings from the house.  I’ve completed the 7 days of detox on the program and am now moving into the nutritional loading stage.  My body is craving fuel and so I’ve filled up the tank with a hearty homemade lentil soup.

The house closing has been pushed back to Monday, naturally the banks and attorneys dragging their feet on voluminous paperwork involved in a real estate transaction.  Despite the change in time frame I carried on with my plans for the day visiting my cousin in the hospital, and happy to report that he is showing progress with his disposition.  I shared with him the importance of doing what makes you feel good, such as playing music, and allowing plenty of space to explore a new direction for his course in life.  I feel like he was receptive to my words, although it will be a significant healing process ahead for him.  I let him know that while it is ultimately up to him to find his path, he is far from alone.

On the way back from the hospital I got snagged up in traffic and someone cut me off as I switched lanes haphazardly while gaining speed, at which point I noticed a State Trooper on the other side of the expressway dart out to the exit ramp.  I had a strong feeling he was turning around to come after me so I took the very next exit evading a pursuit.  Stopping at the house I retrieved the remaining items, swept the floors and vacced the carpets before hitting the grocery store to stock up on rations.  I was so hungry I had to grab a plate of roasted vegetables from the cafe, piling it down before finishing up shopping.  Even now I feel a residual appetite and heavy eyes portend of an early bedtime.

In common wealth,


The only thing that is real is love.