The day has moved quickly despite not really having a lot on the “to do” list.  I washed the truck, fueled up at the rez, returned some bottles for a refund and after posting this entry will mow the lawn.  Everything looks to be in order to close on the house Monday as I requested updated payoff quotes on the mortgage and home equity loan.  The utilities are all scheduled to be shut off as well, and tomorrow the buyer will conduct a final walk through of the house to confirm it is in appropriate condition for moving in.  I’ve left behind a Schefflera, lawn mower and canopy, and did find a new home for the houseplant.  My realtor assured me that leaving a couple of things behind for the buyer will not be a problem, whether he wants them or not.

I felt very heavy this morning physically and emotionally as I continue to purge both chemical and karmic toxins from my system.  I just finished a salad and am feeling lighter on this somewhat dreary Friday with overcast skies.  I am reminding myself that the “out there” is always a reflection of the “in here”, and that to choose gratitude despite how we think and feel is a most powerful practice.  There is much to be excited about with new ventures on the radar and as I take inventory of all that has been I become mindful of the blessings through it all.

Later this afternoon I have a lady friend coming out to join me for dinner.  I have spaghetti squash with a fresh marinara on the menu and look forward to female companionship.  Earlier in the week I’d promised her a massage to which she replied, “Sounds lovely.”  She runs her own business marketing health products and is often on the road servicing existing accounts and prospecting for new ones.  Too often in life we get so busy we fail to nurture ourselves.  Engaging in acts of self-love is also a powerful way to be the change in the world.

In common wealth,