Despite only sleeping for just a couple hours in the predawn I am surprisingly awake and alert.  My guest opted to spend the night rather than make the long drive home at dark and the intense energy shared did not make for a restful slumber.  While I fully enjoyed the sensual exchange, it is not something for which I’d make a regular habit, as sleep is fundamental to a healthy mind, body and soul.  It was nice making dinner for someone and sharing a meal of spaghetti squash with fresh marinara, as well as a walk along the beach beneath full moon splendor.  The lake was cryptic and placid awash in reflected light from a source suspended in the cosmos millions of miles away.  The chill of a gentle autumn breeze made for a warming embrace.

Here I am 10 days into this profound purification program and in today’s email from support services a couple of references to the reintroduction of meat that is allowed beginning on Day 11.  I’m really indifferent at the prospect, although I can imagine how for some folks after 10 days without indulging in animal-based protein it would be cause for celebration.  I’m reminded of a time period in my life extending for several years in which I was vegetarian.  I had also not touched a drop of alcohol during that tenure.  My frame carried less weight, and though I was not of the muscular stature I’ve been accustomed to since around age 19, I enjoyed a leaner version of me.  The biggest challenge is the dominating influence in social circles, as a meal is always centered around the meat when inquiring “What’s for dinner?”  I have full confidence that the daily protein shakes provide adequate nourishment with a variety of sources including whey, flax and rice.  I might add in some hemp protein were I to continue without meat in my diet for the long-term.  I do enjoy it, especially eggs, and tomorrow we have organic, free range chicken on the menu.

After finishing up some laundry, tidying the place up a bit and enjoying the leftover lentil soup I’m headed north to Tuscarora Nation for an annual fall gathering of friends at Eh-Khweh-Heh-Weh.  When I think of this very special place invariably a Neil Young tune, Helpless, comes to mind, “…all my changes were there.”  Specifically, I’ve progressed with an emotional maturity that would not have been possible without the tools and teachings I’ve gleaned from the sweat lodge since 1997 and a class on self-awareness for nearly a decade.  In this application any suffering I’ve experienced has become an opportunity for understanding and salvation.  It’s been an invaluable resource in my growth and development in this human lifetime.  I’m looking forward to seeing some familiar and new faces nurturing bonds I’ve established over the last 15 years.  Although I’m not up there to visit as often as I once had been, we always pick up right where we left off with singing, laughter and recreation upon a most sacred site.

In common wealth,


Thankfully most of us are not severely disturbed but I do feel we all suffer from some degree of emotional lack of care at some stage in our lives and that shows up like a clear blue day in our intimate relationships for the distinct purpose of healing it and growing beyond it.