Today was productive by most accounts, although it ended with a series of helpless moments upon return to headquarters about an hour before sunset.  I put in a few hours gardening for a customer, then headed over to my folks who are putting the finishing touches on a backyard makeover including the deck we built and now a new fence installed by a contractor.  As I was leveling topsoil to lay in stone slabs for steps I overheard the boss berating his crew and chuckled to myself as I’d recalled days of yore when that was me under scrutiny in a similar fashion.  I could tell my mother was delighted to complete the 1 year multi-phase project.  She invited me to stay for dinner and I declined citing the urgent need to mow a flourishing lawn with rain in the forecast tomorrow.  And that’s when the helpless moments began, first with the air compressor not charging to sufficient PSI to fully inflate the mower tire, and later as the riding mower struggled to cut through what felt like wet spinach spinning in the deck.  Nothing rides like a Deere, until it rides no more.  I had a few swipes remaining as darkness descended and the old machine quit.  My neighbor offered their riding mower to finish the job tomorrow and I thanked her.

I even missed a visit to see my mistress dicking around with the mower as she set over the great lake.  My body is weary from the aggressive exertion and a pair of blisters on my right thumb have burst.  I’m grateful my body can still function at such a high level, despite the abuse its managed to endure for nearly 40 years.  I’m also grateful I just got off the phone with a customer and we decided to delay work in her gardens until later in the month when the plants are dormant.  I advised her that it is best to wait to uproot the butterfly bush and divide Hosta when they won’t be subject to transplant shock.  I now have a restful, unhurried morning I’m looking forward to, rather than another round of manual labor.  I realized and confessed to my customer today, or rather confided in a new endearing friend, that I’m done with landscape maintenance after this season and only wish to do design and installation going forward.  Getting down on hands and knees reaching beneath thorny bushes is not my game.  I think she appreciated all the more the meticulous removal of unwanted vegetation performed upon her property.

And so while the lawn remains incomplete, pushing my buttons as I always strive for a job well and done, I am winding down preparing for slumber as I soak up some U2 Running to Stand Still Live from Sydney 1993.  The St. Louis Rams are leading the Arizona Cardinals 10-3 at halftime, portending of sweet revenge against the team that relocated and rebuked their fans some 2 decades hence.  I bailed on the purification program by eating a chicken finger sub for dinner and I will continue to track my progress with transformation in this blog through the 21 day span and beyond.  I received some disheartening news early in the day as it pertains to the band classes taking a call as I waited for service to be completed on my truck.  It is times like these we learn to love again…

In common wealth,