I just returned from the beach and caught the tail end of another breathtaking sunset over Lake Erie.  I have some wild rice on the stove top that will go with a fresh salad for dinner following another humbling butt-whooping for our beloved Buffalo Bills, this week at the hands of the San Francisco 49’ers.  I’m moved to post a second entry in the same day as I took the time to read several entries from the outset of this project, and upon reflection provided an opportunity to get a handle on where I’m at.  I realize that I’ve manifested the solitude I’ve sought, and in this space I experience loneliness, freedom, sadness and gratitude.

The wife and house are gone, like leaving port the shoreline soon fades out of sight and the vessel floats at the mercy of the ocean.  The life I’d once new has been thoroughly deconstructed and here it is, just me, myself and I, realizing that I’d romanticized this wonderful space out here near the lake, and in the empty space I am quickly making note of the downside that comes with this new residence.  I am just far enough from loved ones to require a special trip into town out of regard for conserving resources, namely fuel at better than $4/ gallon.  And so while I have all this beautiful space in which to cultivate, there is some pain.

As it had been my intention to compose this soliloquy and morph it into a book I am now presented with precisely what I’d asked for to do so.  And so it becomes a matter of follow through, tapping inspiration and pouring forth into these funny symbols all that I am.  I reckon I could distract myself from such a noble endeavor by chasing tail ranging in age from 20-50 years of age.  My affinity for the opposite sex has its benefits and drawbacks, as is  the case with everything in life.  There are equal number of benefits and drawbacks to eating fast food or health food, to being liberal or conservative, to being the leader and being the follower.  To purify is to see the good and bad in perfect balance.

In common wealth,