The purification program has come to a conclusion, and although I deviated from the protocol at times, I have nonetheless experienced transformation.  In looking back over the last 21 days many profound moments took place inside my mind, body and spirit leaving me with a sense of wonder as I consider the next leg of this amazing life journey.  I’ve continued to stay up past my normal bed time retiring at midnight and still arising shortly after 7 am.  At some point last night I put my shirt on and do not recall doing so, as I normally sleep in my skivvies.  The nip in the air must have sent me in a half-asleep stupor for an added layer.  So here I am listening to Led Zeppelin whilst sipping organic coffee with farm fresh eggs and roasted red peppers on gluten-free flax toast to break my fast.

For the first time in weeks I have an entire day with nothing on the schedule and it is a refreshing change of pace on this crisp autumn morning.  Yesterday I received a refund check for the homeowner’s insurance policy I’d canceled upon sale of the house.  As it was made out in both mine and my ex-wife’s name it requires both our signatures.  Surprisingly, she agreed to meet me at the bank to sign and cash the check.  It was my understanding she never wanted to see me again, and perhaps the last several months of distance has softened her heart a bit.   Of course for her it could simply be about some much-needed resources, although it is not by any means a substantial sum. It really makes no difference to me at this point, although I’m curious how it will feel to see someone I had built a life with for a several year period only to tear it all down.  Perhaps there will be an opportunity for a degree of reconciliation, if not closure.

I had a good visit with my cousin yesterday afternoon.  We took a walk down to the lake and chatted for a bit as a strong, cool southwesterly breeze churned up large rollers crashing onto shore.  I provided some coaching with encouragement to figure out what he wants to do with his life and pursue that regardless of what others think or say.  It was a nice reflection for me to do the same with my life.  We didn’t last long at the beach circling back to the house and heading over to grab a bite to eat at a local pizza and sub joint.  After that we returned home and he zoned out to some TV as I caught up on emails before heading back to his folks’ house in Amherst.  I reminded him of my birthday party this weekend and he said he’d be there.

So where do I go from here?  Part of me is just looking to ride out the remainder of this most intensely transformative calendar year of 2012.  Everything that I’ve started has come to an end personally and professionally.  Some of my astrological friends have shared the influence of the stars and planets, Saturn in Scorpio if I recall, which drives the trend toward transformation.  And that transformation is waking us up to who we are, embracing our thoughts and feelings, understanding the good and bad in everything, growing in unconditional acceptance of our self and all creation.  In this respect, the last several months of my life have been a resounding success.

In common wealth,


Destruction leads to a very rough road, but it also breeds creation. – Red Hot Chili Peppers