It’s a rather dreary and damp Monday afternoon as a cold front continues to push through the region since arrival late last evening.  It was so mild out yesterday that I was able to wear a T-shirt and shorts whilst taking a walk on the beach with my mother.  I had actually walked away from the Bill’s game at halftime and was delighted upon my return so see they had taken the lead, hanging on for a narrow OT victory.  My friend Chris just sent me a really uplifting text message regarding setting intentions for this magikal new moon.  The timing could not be any more ideal for me personally as loose ends have finally been all tied up after 9 months of dismantling.

I managed to bed down at a more ideal time, shortly after 10 pm, as had been routine when I was married.  I slept in until 8 am and feel well rested, although the head cold persists with mucous in my sinuses draining out.  I had tentative plans to meet up with my friend Jenn for lunch, but decided to cancel and continue my recovery.  I also canceled plans for a trip to Pittsburgh with Nancy who will be servicing new and existing accounts in the area this week.  I feel like I have next to nothing to offer in an intimate relationship right now and am restoring the focus to nurture myself to balance.

I sent out one resume this morning for a sales position helping families place their elder loved ones in assisted living facilities.  It is a full-time, salaried work-from-home opportunity, which would be ideal given my current residence beyond the more densely populated urban and suburban areas.  Another opportunity I’m going to research is a company featured in yesterday’s Buffalo News Business Section- Modular Radiant Technologies– a local startup in the emerging green energy sector.  The owner has a refreshing vision for providing gainful employment and a work environment in which people feel part of something special.  He provides a perspective that is nearly a complete 180 from my previous employer.  I’ve thrived when employed by small business owners and am looking forward to new opportunities in service using my gifts, skills and talents.

Later this evening I’ll be attending a meeting for a WNY Sustainability Plan as a networking opportunity.  I had mentioned this to my brother the other night at the bday bash and he provided me a name, a former supervisor he worked under years ago in Florida.  Despite the urgency of my financial situation I am equally optimistic about future prospects.  I have looked into cashing out my 401k, if necessary, and a friend also suggested I apply for food stamps and/or welfare.  While public assistance feels a bit like a blow to my pride, it is an option.  And I realize I do have options as I shift gears from “might have beens” to “what if nows?”

In common wealth,