I am feeling noticeable improvement after another solid night’s sleep, although still not 100%, definitely closer to optimal function.  I’ve updated my resume and have lined up an informal interview with someone from Modular Radiant Technologies.  He had responded yesterday to my web inquiry noting that there were no manufacturing position openings, and that I would get a referral fee for any leads resulting in a sale.  I followed up this morning suggesting a target market with my resume attached and he was sufficiently intrigued to ask for a meeting over breakfast.

The imminent loss of UI benefits is serving to light a fire under my ass and there’s no better time than the present than to get back in the game and make an impact.  The game is my life and if I’m not the superstar who will be?  We all get hurt and knocked off our high horse now and again.  It is the warrior who refuses to quit and will learn from mistakes becoming stronger by what hath not killed him.  I am so ripe for new opportunities and can feel the life force within me burgeoning.

Last night turned out to be an informative outing at the WNY Regional Sustainability Plan meeting where I walked away with an insider contact as well as a broader perspective of all that is unfurling on the green scene in a 5 county region.  It seems the main gist of “the plan” is to reduce greenhouse gas emissions (GHG) and thus cast a green glow upon the Governor, presumably a strategy for a re-election campaign.  Nonetheless, there are $90 million in grant funds on the table for would-be entrepreneurs and non-governmental organizations to tap.  It is exciting to consider the prospects for a proposed green business venture.

The sun is striving to poke out from overcast skies and I need to get some exercise after a couple of days of sedentary living.  A muscle unused will atrophy, the heart included, and so to love takes tremendous courage as we open ourselves to the joy of connection and pain of rejection.  And as we grow in our understanding of love our capacity to share it expands infinitely.  In so doing we achieve a critical mass, a love train if you will, and it begins with you.

In common wealth,