I’ve had some vivid dreams the last couple of days, both on the order of sheer terror.  Yesterday, shortly before rising to begin the day I had dreamed of being inside something of a concentration camp with Chinese guards on patrol who snatched up a younger fellow in a failed attempt to escape and proceeded to execute him on the spot with a large knife.  Then this morning it was a less graphic, though no less terrifying scene of being atop a narrow pinnacle high above the ground with a breathtaking panoramic view, just enough stone to hold my 2 feet from a rapid descent.  There was another dream in the mix involving a naked female, somebody I do not know very well, although do find attractive.

Yesterday was a long and productive course of events beginning with an encouraging breakfast meeting.  Len bought coffee and egg sandwiches as we discussed how I may join the MRT team in a sales role.  It would of course be a commission-based position, and a very lucrative one if I’m able to land some contracts with builders/ developers and homeowners.  I hit the ground running as he sent me off with some literature and a sample of the patented heating panel they manufacture.  At a landscape job with my colleague Angela I had the good fortune of introducing the product to the customer, who is a retired chef and does remodeling as a part-time business in his retirement.  He was very intrigued by the product and had familiarity with radiant heat applications in homes.  He also offered to spread the word to his circle of contracting friends.

I finished up the day meeting up with friends to co-celebrate our birthdays at Hyde Park, a fancy steakhouse replete with high-end stemware and the charade of opening a bottle of wine for the table.  Moscato was chosen by one of the ladies and I went with the flow, despite my preference for a dry red wine over a sweet fruity white.  I was being treated to the meal and certainly was not going to rock the boat with expectations of catering to my taste.  The Steak Au Blue melted in my mouth as Chris, Adam, Meggan and I shared many laughs over a 3 hour period.  When I placed my order for medium on the steak and was asked if I prefer “pink or red in the middle” I was at a loss for words.  I rarely eat red meat and cannot recall ever having been asked for that specificity.  Nonetheless, it was a delicious morsel and at the conclusion of the outing there was fervent discussion on 50 Shades of Grey, a well-circulated book in the erotic genre that has been on and off my radar for weeks.  I did get an offer for a copy to be mailed all the way from a friend in Houston.  We’ll see if it winds up in my mailbox.

The blue skies and sunshine that had been here in the morning have since been replaced by clouds, as forecast, with a wet system presently lingering over Michigan due to arrive late this afternoon.  A stiff northeasterly breeze has the neighbor’s flag fluttering and a chill in  the air.  My plans for today do not include much other than an oil change for the ATV.  I had thought to invite some friends out, although solitude may be the best option with several days of festivities ahead.    I think I’m going to soak in the tub and then perhaps go for a stroll on the beach before the rain arrives.  Life is good.

In common wealth,