It is a gorgeous sunny day with blue skies and in about one half hour I will officially complete my 40th trip around the sun.  I’ve been delightfully inundated with birthday wishes via the social network and text messaging since I awoke this morning, such a profound reflection of the love that has incubated and emerged in this life journey.  How long to sing this song?  I’ve had several renditions of this powerful, soulful U2 hymn streaming as the clock approaches 1:22 pm when 40 years hence it was documented that I left the womb and entered planet Earth during a Bills v Dolphins game.

This morning I ventured into town for breakfast at Dan’s Home Cookin Diner and enjoyed eggs, toast and home fries prepared by the owner/ proprietor Lori.  We got to talking and she explained that she took over the helm from her father Dan years ago, back in 1990.  It also came up in conversation that her sister and brother-in-law are relocating to Hawaii, and that her plan is to join them there in a couple of years.  That is now the 4th time Hawaii has come up in conversation of late and I’m starting to think it may be a sign.  Well, I’ve really been thinking that for several days now and have even renewed the ad to sell my truck on Craigslist.  I do have a friend out there who has a room for rent.  It would be a bold and unprecedented move as I make the turn on another interstellar cycle.

I really have nothing anchoring me to my hometown now that all the loose ends have been tied.  Of course, I do have a large family and circle of friends that I treasure more than anything on this planet, which has been the major reason I’ve remained in western NY for the duration. It would be bittersweet to depart, even if only for a few months as an expedition, or sabbatical, as I’ve not done in many moons since a visit to Ithaca in August 2007.  Just 2 more minutes remain in my 30s, a decade I will recall fondly as one of intense transformation in moving through fear to a love too few have ever known.

In common wealth,