The last time I attended a Buffalo Bill’s game was 5 years ago to the date on an unseasonably mild day beneath sunny skies with my now ex-wife.  The Bills prevailed over the Baltimore Ravens, much in contrast to a heartbreaking last-minute loss to the Tennessee Titans on a cool, blustery October afternoon.  Prior to the game we enjoyed a festive tailgate party with my brother, sister, cousins and a host of fanatics imbibing a variety of adult beverages, including the infamous egg toss resulting in many soiled hands and clothing.  At one point I was sitting on the rear end of my brother-in-law’s Ford soaking it all as the sun shone down, music blasting, rowdy hordes milling about and wished the day may go on longer.  But alas it was near kickoff and my brother nabbed me from my daydream to make the migration to our seats.

It is now evening and I’m comfortably seated on the sofa as 60 Minutes covers an episode featuring medical marijuana dispensaries in Colorado.  I feel as though the worst of the recent malaise is behind me, and it is fine timing on this the eve of my 40th trip around the sun.  I was chatting with a friend and business partner about sticking to the devil you know, or moving on into the unknown to acquaint one self with a new devil.  I’ve been wrestling with the devil I know over the last several days and am no longer in resistance.  And that’s the rub, letting go and allowing.  Moving on without doing so only ensures your baggage goes with you into the next leg of the journey, and in so doing we are doomed to repeat the cycle.

On the drive home I connected with a friend who had mentioned an employment opportunity to me several weeks ago.  He pre-screened me with interview style questions to determine whether or not I may be a good fit for not one, but two separate opportunities.  We didn’t get into much detail as he said he’d email me more information on specifics.  As we were talking I was reminded of the value of having a mentor, as I’ve often had in my adult life, both personally and professionally.  I’ve been blessed to surround myself with evolving souls and each of them teaches me so much about who I am.

In common wealth,