Somehow I managed to squeeze out yet another birthday celebration at the local diner where Lori served me a leftover piece of banana cake with a single candle in it as she led a room full of her customers singing in my honor.  She snapped a pic for her “wall of fame” and I’m now among her regulars.  My cousin just called seeking to hire me in assisting him with moving some larger pieces of office furniture to his home.  I had a landscape job lined up, but the wet weather has lingered into this morning preventing us from doing so.  With the opening in my schedule I offered to meet up with him later this afternoon.

Yesterday was a dank and dark one, both outside and inside, feeling the weight of my own density in matter.  As fate would have it I hosted an unanticipated visitor, a married woman I’d only recently connected with via the social network.  She is related to some very good friends of mine and has taken an interest in me.  It was an awkward moment as she essentially invited herself to my home, although I refrained from giving her my address, she set her sights on the lake as a destination.  I agreed to meet up with her at a coffee shop and from there we headed to the beach playing field hockey in the rain until thoroughly wet and sandy.  We carried on conversation for some time as I probed to determine her motives for coming out to see me, stating that she felt a strong connection to what I have to say.  I’m reminded of a wise friend and teacher’s words, “We connect over pain.”  Everybody hurts sometime.

And so while the visit lasted for several hours culminating in dinner at a taco joint, we both agreed it would be for the highest good as platonic friends, despite a strong physical and emotional attraction.  I’ve never had intimate relations with a married woman and I wasn’t about to go down that path.  I explained to her that it isn’t about right or wrong morality, which is used to control the masses, rather it is about growing up and developing a conscience.  Do unto others as you’d have done unto you.  I would not be able to proceed with a clear conscience and in asking her how she’d feel if her husband was having an affair, turns out she would feel hurt by it. What we think, say and do sends ripple effects out into the universe, thus creating our reality by resonance causation.  I like to keep things simple, and caving to carnal impulse has a way of complicating our lives. I feel like it was a test from the universe to see if my actions align with my words.  It feels good to walk in integrity.

In common wealth,