The wet weather pattern persists as a late season cyclone spirals northward into Canada the lake all blown up with a muddy hue as waves crash ashore.  Upon returning from a brief walk through wind-whipped rains I received an email informing me that a dear friend recently suffered a massive stroke.  As I read the news I felt my energy slump gazing out the window across the street into the neighbor’s yard where a cluster of maple trees with a few clinging yellow leaves formed what looked like a heart.  I snapped a pic and posted it to the social network sending out a prayer for healing.  A few of us may carpool and go visit Michele this weekend.  I consider her among an ever-expanding community of kindred souls.

Grateful Dead live from Oakland 1987 is streaming as I ponder the vicissitudes of life in this 21st century.  My sleep pattern was turbulent last night for no apparent reason.  I was not in a state of excitement or anticipation, neither was it anxiety, just an inexplicable surge of energy swirling within my soul.  I gave up after an hour of tossing and turning logging on to the social network to deposit some more of my thoughts, one of which generated quite a thread between polarized individuals pertaining to an imminent election for presidency of the United States of America.  I attempted to use it as an opportunity to turn the blaming, complaining and judging back upon the commentators, without any success.  I am often reminded that most folks are simply unwilling to open up and accept the truth of universal law.  And so they go on running about unconsciously giving their power away.

Also upon return from the beach I retrieved the mail and was delighted to see a check instead of another bill for a change.  The mortgage company cut me a refund check for a remaining escrow balance, an unanticipated, albeit modest windfall.  Every little bit counts right now to sustain myself through this epic transition in transformation.  I’ve applied for a couple of jobs and did some more research on Hawaii, specifically Hilo, where the owner of the diner in the village has indicated she will be retiring to in a few years.  I also watched the documentary on Obama 2016 this morning featuring his controversial rise from birth in Hawaii to unlikely presidential candidate.  Whatever happens at the voting booths one thing is for sure a lot of folks are holding their breath.

In common wealth,