The first snow for the season is falling gently, although not sticking as it is too wet and the ground too warm, a sign of what’s to come in the approaching months.  My folks just left after spending the night and breakfast at the local diner.  Yesterday we worked together further preparing for winter by storing the camper in the garage, removing screens from windows and fencing off the blueberry bushes as protection from foraging critters.  I also took a long walk on the beach despite a chilly breeze, pausing to watch the waves crash onto an old concrete pier.  It was nice to have company for a change of pace from the solitary refinement I’ve been immersed in for the last several weeks.  The clocks have fallen back an hour as daylight continues to grow increasingly shorter about halfway to the solstice.

I realize that I am in a state of moderate resistance to the solitude I’ve manifested.  In my loneliness I experience pain and have as yet been unable to experience gratitude for my circumstances.  So the options before me are either to change the circumstances, or remain immersed until I achieve acceptance.  The former option is quite appealing, yet the latter is truly transformational.  And it is transformation that has been my quest in life for well over a decade now.  I remember a teacher once telling me, “The spiritual path is the hardest one, but it holds the greatest gifts.”  I am just beginning to reap the fruits of my metaphysical labor in the journey of this human experience.

The Bills are on the road to face the mighty Houston Texans this afternoon, which could result in an utter blowout.  I may head up to watch the game at my sister and brother-in-law’s “manitorium”, a garage replete with 110″ projection screen, sofas and frig stocked with adult beverages.  At the moment I’m feeling more inclined to lay low out here, between the gas mileage and my low energy levels.  Of course, it could lift my spirits to surround myself with company, even if they become bitter as the day progresses with an unfortunate outcome in the game.  I’m going to soak in the tub and meditate on it.  Perhaps it is time to frack the light.

In common wealth,