It’s a cool cloudy morning and the sunshine forecasters predicted remains on hold as it’s now been 10 consecutive days with overcast skies.  While the weather can influence one’s mood, it is one of many factors to which we can give our power over, rather than choosing our state of being.  There is something special and nourishing about sunlight; however, there is a season for shades of gray.  It is much like the cycles in our lives, sometimes we shine with sheer brilliance, and other times we are shrouded in our own gloom and doom.  What determines our destiny is whether we accept all of who we are, or to what extent we reject and resist elements of our existence.  This is the path of the spiritual warrior.

I had a lucid dream this morning I was chatting with my former supervisors, and it had the same superficial flavor as it did during my 3 plus years of employment.  It was the first time since my departure that I had such clear recollection of the experience and although part of me wonders what might have been,  just as with my marriage, I have no doubt I am right where I need to be at this stage of the journey.  It’s as if the Universe granted me a wish and in hindsight I’m reminded to be careful what we wish for, every thought and feeling and word sending ripple effects into the cosmos.  And when that boomerang comes back around either you snatch it out of the air or it’ll whack you upside the noggin.

I have tentative plans to meet up with a colleague for lunch to discuss ideas for new income sources as we head into the off-season.  From there I may head to the east side and assist with staking some trees that had been planted over the weekend by volunteers from Buffalo Re-use.  This evening I have a belated birthday celebration with my cousin and her husband who missed the 40th bash hosted by my brother, and have graciously offered to treat me to all you can eat crab legs and clams at the historic Boston Hotel.  I’m looking forward to getting out and about after a prolonged hiatus.  I find my own company to be unbearable at times, whilst other times it is delightful.

In common wealth,


“A successful life is a string of successful days.”

—John Cummuta: author and financial advisor