Here we are it is finally election day and the tension over ROM v OBA shall reach a crescendo as a victor is declared.  I’m a bit leaning toward honey badger in that I don’t give a crap amid a highly polarized and divided citizenry.  I am still uncertain if I will bother to cast my vote, and if I do it will not be for either of the front-runners.  Whatever happens will be a reflection of we the people, and so it is more crucial than ever that we take responsibility for our thoughts and feelings and actions.  The pendulum tends to swing from one election to the next as folks galvanize votes against one candidate in favor of the alternative.  And in so doing what we resist persists, running to stand still.

I woke up feeling lighter and attribute it, in part, to a fun outing last night with my cousin and her husband to the local village saloon where we indulged in the weekly specials.  On the drive over to meet up with them I spoke to a friend who guided me through a forgiveness exercise where I visualized myself as we sang a child-like song exonerating myself from any lingering guilt or shame.  As he lead me through several refrains I noticed my energy shift and thanked him.  He was equally delighted in stating that it is his purpose on this earth to assist others in such a manner.  I’m reminded how blessed I am to be connected through the lightworker community.

I have company on the way over, some of my most favorite company on the planet, to discuss and flesh out a vision for sustainable community, an alternative to the throw-away, competition-based and ego-driven culture we’re immersed in.  And so while we shall remain connected to the larger matrix, we do have the freedom to craft something of our own design in a microcosmic sort of way.  It is inspiring to consider the possibilities for co-creating a legacy that will benefit generations to come.  We are the ones we’ve been waiting for.

In common wealth,