All the hype and anxiety is finally over as pollsters announced late last night that President Obama has captured a second term.  According to the social network most folks seem delighted by the news, while others are gravely concerned about the direction the nation is headed.  I remain neutral on the matter knowing that it will come to each individual taking responsibility for their thoughts, feelings and actions as creators.  I proceed in faith knowing that whatever happens in the world is challenging and supporting us to grow in unconditional love.

I’ve had a profound epiphany over the last couple days as it pertains to a rhythm and pattern that plays out in my life once annually.  The story goes back to age 10 when my parents moved us to a new, larger home and a new, larger school district. As I recall I was devastated leaving behind a small class of 15 best friends as I began the 6th grade.  I did not adapt very well to the change at the time and part of my spirit has been stuck there ever since, feeling sorry for myself and very alone.  And that is exactly how I’ve been feeling over recent weeks.  I’ve been reciting the forgiveness hymn over and over this morning, feeling lighter and lighter as I set myself free from self-imposed exile.  I feel a little closer to God today as the sun shines brilliantly.

My guests Matt & Amy also served to lift my spirits as we enjoyed several hours of in-depth discussion on our vision for living in community together.  It is a process that began way back in 2007, before the economy tanked, as a few like-minded friends gathered to discuss their inspirations and what they envision.  All these years later the conversation has continued, with ebbs and flows like the tide.  I can see so much growth in self-awareness and love in each one of us building momentum and co-organizing our lives around mutual highest values.  While we have our work cut out for us, it is the journey, not the destination that is so rewarding.

In common wealth,