Despite staying up way past my bedtime I feel relatively recharged rising before 8 am to greet an overcast morning, with conditions reminiscent of the pacific northwest region. I made it out with my tribe to see our friend Laura perform in Dead English, an adaptation of Bram Stoker’s Dracula.  It’s not every weekend that I get out to take in local theater, especially the Gothic horror vampire romance genre.  I was thoroughly impressed by the performance of each cast member, particularly the young fellow playing Count Dracula, a narcissistic master of souls, and Harker, a self-dubbed “devil killer.”  Laura shined in her triplicate roles of gypsy, bride and bar wench in various scenes.  The vaulted ceilings of the Episcopal church carried their harmonic voices and in an intimate setting seated in the front row there were many close encounters with characters on a makeshift stage at ground level.

And so while I do value my precious sleep, I also greatly value my friendships, or more importantly alliances with like-minded evolving souls.  My body is weary from three consecutive days of strenuous physical activity, primarily land scraping and sculpting with my new business partner Angela.  We finished up the terrace landscape, much to the delight of the customer who says she will miss us working in her yard over the winter.  After that job was wrapped up we completed another suite of services for a client the next street over planting bulbs, edging, cutting back perennials, pruning shrubs and raking of leaves.  I spent several hours installing a row of large flagstone as a border for an ivy bed, digging down through roots to set each slab at grade, some of which I estimate weigh in at 80 pounds or more.  When I showed up at Matt & Amy’s utterly exhausted I asked Matt for some therapy and he generously shared his services as a license massage therapist relieving my shoulders and upper back of an intense soreness.

In evaluating my life it is clear that I’ve experienced a “value shift” over the last year of my life.  I had been increasingly focused on my career and finances with an emphasis on mental pursuits, whereas now more than ever I cherish social and family bonds, and my health.  My life certainly demonstrates this value hierarchy as my career remains a hodge-podge of sorts whilst hovering just over broke in the bank account.  I suppose this may oscillate yet again in this lifetime, although for the time being my inspiration involves the people who provide me challenge and support on a path of transformation, as do I offer it for them, quid pro quo.  I am exactly where I choose to be, for better and worse.

In common wealth,