The unseasonably record-breaking mild weather lingers on this Monday morning, although it will be replaced later today as a cold front sweeps through the region restoring conditions more normal for the season.  I enjoyed a pensive stroll along the beach under the dark of night before retiring to bed last evening.  The lake was gently lapping ashore as a breeze alternated between warm and cooler gusts, leaves from mighty oaks gently fluttering to the sand.  It was the perfect opportunity for solitary reflection after an unusually social weekend chock full of entertainment.

Saturday evening involved some cocktails and a movie night with friends featuring Magic Mike, starring Channing Tatum.  I was reticent to indulge my eyes on the provocative masculine scenery, but alas opted to be a good sport and take in the show among festive company.  Following the film we chatted amongst ourselves while watching Notre Dame finish off Boston College to remain undefeated and in contention for a national championship.  I observed at one point the silly and trivial nature of the conversation, albeit quite humorous, and in my moment of judgment gave thanks for the lighter topics of discussion.  I realize that while it may not be my favorite flavor of discourse- deep philosophical and spiritual inquiry- it is another flavor to savor.  I’m grateful for the diversity of my social circle.

Given that I was in the neighborhood I crashed at my folks’ house Saturday night, where I was invited to watch the Bill’s game and enjoy a family dinner of strip streaks, sweet potatoes, mushrooms and tossed salad the following day.  I took advantage of the glorious weather and got in some exercise with the resistance bands at a local park before swinging by to collect payment from a client for gardening services.  After showering up I sat down and tuned in to the game with my parents, brother and after halftime my cousins and aunt and uncle joined us.  It was another heartbreaking defeat, assuaged by the spectacular weather as my father grilled up the steaks.  It is always a blessing to break bread with family and I’m often reminded of this abundance in my life.

In common wealth,