Yesterday was a blast as my tribe took a field trip visiting several local farms nestled along the southern edge of the county. We managed to “interview” a few farmers inquiring about their operation featuring chickens, cattle and even ornamental flowers grown in greenhouses.  At our first stop, Someday Maybe Farms just outside the village of Forestville, we bumped into an older lady whom Amy had met a couple of years back whilst visiting her tea house on the outskirts of town.  She took the floor and shared with us her background of growing up in WNY, then relocating to NYC for a number of years where she watched the WTC towers get built, before moving back home to steward the tea house just before 9/11 occurred.  She was an animate and vivacious woman referring to terrorists as “jerks” and lamenting the poor condition of society as it pertains to “scoundrels” and those who fall victim to their predatory ways.  Lana also made a suggestion to Matt for taking his invention to Silicon Valley and pitching Electronic Arts for venture capital.

From there we migrated a bit further south as massive dark clouds swept over the hilltop pasture where Black Angus cattle grazed at Hanova Hills Farm.  We spoke briefly with the manager, Dan, who had been with the farm for over 13 years, cutting his teeth as a hired hand on a dairy farm.  He was a skinny, boyish looking fellow who by all accounts appeared content with his lot in life.  We didn’t keep him too long with our investigative queries as the rain started to fall from leaden skies overhead.  Judging by the custom-designed Frank Lloyd Wright influenced home where the owner resides it was obvious the small farm can be quite lucrative.

After a stop at the grocery store we returned to the beach house to rustle up some supper featuring Amy’s scrumptious homemade cauliflower soup and BLT sandwiches.  We discussed more details of our shared vision to homestead and cultivate nourishing food to sustain ourselves while sharing the abundance with others at market.  We also discussed our next project proposals which include vermicomposting and mushroom cultivation.  It will require some re-organization of space at The Barn with a room off the kitchen designated for this venture.  In starting where we’re at we can learn through trial and error before scaling up, the bigger the scale the bigger the potential for costly mistakes.

Following the hearty meal on a stormy night we braved the elements with an adventurous stroll to the beach.  We watched in awe as wind-driven rain pelted our faces the lake having advanced nearly to the access ramp with rolling whitecaps crashing ashore one after another.  The cacophony of water and air was exhilarating before heading back to warm our bones.  I had been wanting to see the lake in that highly ferocious state since moving out here, and it took the inspiration of our group to do so.  She is gorgeous and healing and at times, fierce that great lake.

Other items discussed pertained to a more immediate change in my lifestyle.  Matt offered me his automobile for a very fair and reasonable payment plan over 10 months, and we also explored the possibility of me moving into the spare bedroom at The Barn.  That would require Sifu to move out, a temporary guest as he’s been renting for just about 2 months now.  I have some hesitations to shack up given a somewhat precarious lifestyle involving late night activity that could be disruptive to my cherished sleep.  Although it could also be an opportunity to explore creativity in solidarity with like-minded souls.

After everyone departed into the wet and windy night I gave it some thought on the crossroads before me.  Do I stay the course or go for it?  A job interview I thought I had lined up for today appears to have fallen through as I never heard back confirming an appointment.  I just sent them an email, but honestly they have been disorganized and disrespectful of my time since the first contact, foreboding of conflict ahead should I join the team.  While I did feel inspired in discussing the opportunity over the phone last week, I also feel a sense of desperation to simply get a job, or stay the course.

What would it mean to go for it at this time in my life?  What it meant years ago was purchasing an engagement ring I could not afford and closing a deal on marrying a woman who pressured me to put a ring on it. I am in a very different space now with romantic unions falling down the list of priorities precipitously.  Much higher on the list is where to invest my time, talent and gifts not merely into a job, but rather a legacy.  At 40 years young I’m blessed with this opportunity to re-invent myself pulling together the sum total of immense wisdom gleaned over the last decade especially and translate that into a life of purpose.  I have always gone for it, and while staying the course has its time and place, as a life strategy it is simply not for me.

In common wealth,


Success and money can contribute to happiness, but happiness itself is another thing altogether. Words like ‘family’, ‘friends’, ‘love’ and ‘laughter’ have a lot more to do with happiness than words like ‘gross’, ‘capital’ and ‘revenue’. – Richard Branson