Fungi inherited the earth after an asteroid collided with the earth some 65 million years ago, at least according to the theory of mass extinction of the massive reptilians that once roamed the planet.  Yesterday I watched several TED talks with Matt and their roommate Sifu, with the emphasis on the myriad uses of mushrooms from food source to ecological restoration to alternative biodegradable packaging.  The possibilities are fascinating and we’re ready to move forward setting up for composting with red worms and growing perhaps portabella, oyster and/or other species of mushroom for personal use and sale to area restaurants.

We also discussed a road trip to California to pitch a major gaming company on Matt’s patented Chewker.  It would be a bold move and an investment to say the least.  I feel as though the endeavor is as much about going on faith in exploring synchronicity as anything else.  I just so happen to have a friend, a student I’d enrolled into online classes several years ago, who lives in Big Bear City, which is about an hour and a half from Palo Alto.  He has already graciously offered us VIP guest lodging.  It is both amazing and intimidating at once to consider such an adventure.  I haven’t been on a meaningful road trip in over 7 years, when I took a train to southern AZ and back.  And who knows it could be the next Words with Friends or Angry Birds app on your phone.

I am realizing as all of this tremendous stuff is unfurling that I have not informed my family of really any of it.  While it is my life and I can choose to do as I please, I value my family and at some point will bring them into the loop.  Hey Mom and Dad I’m moving out to the country with some friends to be a farmer.  It certainly isn’t the norm, and the norm has never been very appealing to me.  The next several weeks should be quite telling in terms of living situation, transportation and vocational endeavors.  Stay tuned.

In common wealth,