Looks like another salubrious day ahead with blue skies and sunshine.  My shoulders are sore following a weekend of both recreation and creation.  The beach bonfire was a blast with a plethora of driftwood spit up by the lake in the wake of a series of stormy fronts over the last couple weeks.  As the crescent moon hung low in the southern sky Matt, Shawn, Christopher and I gathered near the warmth to indulge in a few beverages whilst engaging one another in conversation ranging from adolescent drivel to deeply philosophical inquiry.  It was a pleasure hosting such good company and at this time of year logging beach hours is a bonus.

The next morning I made coffee for the troops and we noshed on almond pound cake while gaining our bearings after the evening’s festivities.  Christopher opted to head home so it was Shawn, Matt & I for breakfast.  They departed shortly thereafter and I later joined them at The Barn for what would amount to a most productive day cleaning, re-organizing and staging for vermicomposting, wheatgrass and mushroom cultivation.  The dust in the basement collected in our nostrils with each sweep of the broom as Matt & I rigged up a 250 watt metal halide light over a homemade table.  We took a break from the several hour project to enjoy coffee with fresh ground cinnamon sticks and banana spinach smoothies.  Despite our exhaustion we did get 2 bins re-purposed for the composting, including installation of spigots extracted from box wine bladders, emptying the liquid into multiple carafes.  Our handiwork was impressive, but the rubber washers are not sufficient to prevent leakage of fluid, so we will need a sealant of some sort before the operation begins.

I was invited to a couple of engagements today, including a goat-shack building party at my friends’ Mark & Courtney’s down in Humphrey, and a “Friendsgiving” gathering up on the rez.  My folks are coming out for the afternoon and there a few things I’d like to accomplish out here including a final fall cleanup on the grounds and a detail of my filthy truck.  We have some landscape work lined up for the next couple days taking full advantage of this gorgeous weather pattern.  My body needs some rest today.  I am the good kind of exhausted having fully enjoyed labor and leisure this weekend.

In common wealth,


A spiritual person tries less to be godly than to be deeply human.

      Rev. William Sloane Coffin, Jr.