My body is feeling the effects of more strenuous labor completing a pair of jobs on a fine autumn day.  Angela & I excavated a couple of yards of an invasive-laden substrate pick-axing through stone and roots before replacing it with premium, screened and shredded topsoil in preparation for a vegetable garden.  About an hour into the exertion we were both frustrated with nagging injuries, a tilted pelvis and faulty ankle for her, shoulder and knee for me.  Surprisingly, neither of my issues flared up throughout the course of the day, although I am sufficiently fatigued to say the least.  We had a couple laughs on the job, as we often do, going back and forth with witty quips.  As I told her, “Laughing makes the day flow.”

En route to meet up with Angela on site I stopped for a brief, informal follow-up meeting with Len to discuss progress and my role in marketing the modular radiant panels.  He shared with me the launch of 2 additional products, including a staple-up foam product that can be installed in virtually any floor application between the joists.  He also mentioned a rubber flooring unit manufactured from recycled rubber tires.  The target market for that product would be larger commercial products, and as I asked Len what he saw in my role we agreed it would be going after local home builders, remodelers and HVAC contractors.  He made note of the fact that the “iron is hot” for radiant heating and that the opportunity lines up nicely with the conclusion of the outdoor season.  I nodded and said that I’d make an effort next week to produce some leads.

We wrapped up the second job earlier than I’d anticipated, allowing for a productive ride home including stops for a haircut, groceries and recon.  I confirmed that Walmart is already recycling its organic waste, as we’d been informed it does in the Albany area.  We may be too late in capturing this trend of diverting nutrient and energy-dense material from landfills.  At Home Depot I confirmed the supplier for the indoor plants we want to cultivate using the vermicompost as a potting medium.  Costa Farms based out of Florida has an extensive and impressive inventory of sub-tropical and tropical flora, including the 3 species that are most known for oxygenating and removing volatiles from the air.  As for the haircut, I did enjoy flirting with a pretty blonde who confided in me that she’s dressing up as a Chipette for the annual 8k Turkey Trot held on Thanksgiving morning.  She invited me to stop back to share a picture with me from race day.  I told her I’d be back and she smiled.

In common wealth,


Pursuing your passion is fulfilling
and leads to financial freedom”
—Robert G. Allen: is a Canadian-American businessman and author