My body is thoroughly sore following a day of brush removal, and despite the exhaustion I managed to rise at daybreak for a rather productive morning thus far.  I just got off the phone with a prospective employer seeking to build a local recruitment team for a newly launched division within the company.  Based on the half hour conversation I was quite intrigued as we scheduled a face to face interview for Monday afternoon.  I can feel enthusiasm welling up within, almost like a free agent might feel that’s been on the sidelines long enough awaiting for another chance to shine playing the game they love most.

Angela & I had our hands full, literally, with a thick overgrown row of an invasive species, European buckthorn lining the back property line.  She had arranged a trade of services with her client who provides piano lessons to one of her daughters, and in addition something of a “make-up” for the loss of a 30 year-old ornamental tree earlier in the season thanks to the indiscretion of her hired help.  As we were about an hour into the chaos, thorns piercing our hands and chainsaw malfunction, she broke down in tears in a moment overwhelmed by the scope of work she so generously offered.  It was a teachable moment in self-worth and how we value the service we provide.  I did my best to cheer her up as we made sufficient progress throughout the day to earn a thank you from not only the customer, but the neighbor as well.

Following the workday I swung by Matt & Amy’s to deliver some firewood I’d been given, along with a belated birthday present for Erin and a tube of silicon adhesive to tighten up the spigots we’d installed on the worm bins.  I ended up staying for dinner, a hearty, stick-to-your-bones lentil stew Matt had whipped up, and continued my visit for several hours with the best of friends.  There was a very odd visit from the local phone company to restore service that had been interrupted since the weekend.  The technician seemed miffed for nearly an hour before removing an aging transistor of sorts that appeared to be faulty.  He was about to upsell them on installation of a new line, but we persisted in troubleshooting until it was resolved.  After a few glasses of wine I was melting into the sofa and motivated myself to get home for a soak in the tub before bed.

It feels good to have a day of rest for my weary body.  I have a lunch meeting and will be going for a massage this afternoon before meeting up with some of the family to help with set up for the big annual feast.  After Joe D band classes this evening there’s a social gathering at friends’ of my sister’s whom have extended the invitation.  I’m going to crash at my folks’ house tonight rather than drive all the way back out here and back again to celebrate Thanksgiving.  Almost looks as though the lawn needs mowing again with all the fine sunny weather we’ve enjoyed of late.  I am grateful for so much in this life, above all life itself.

In common wealth,