The first lake effect snow advisory of the season has been issued as rain showers fall after a string of warm and sunny days.  My stomach remains a bit stretched from yesterday’s annual feast and a good night’s sleep has me feeling near fully refreshed.  It was one of the more pleasant family gatherings that I can recall in many years, perhaps since I’d been married.  We sat down with 44 guests at the Amvets Post 49 to celebrate our myriad blessings.  I was delighted that I had only thought of my ex-wife once or twice, and when I did the thought did not linger with any residual grief.  I suspect the holidays can be an especially difficult time of year for folks who are grieving the loss of a loved one, whether in divorce or passing on from this world to the next.  This served as something of a litmus test to see where I’m at and I truly feel cleansed of any karmic ties.  I am free to be as I move into the next leg of this amazing life journey.

My sister shared a funny remark that our mother made about my present living quarters, reminiscent of the Stephen King book and Stanley Kubrick horror classic, The Shining, starring Jack Nicholson.  I’ve never seen the film or read the book, although from what I’m told it features a winter caretaker who is driven to violence by an evil influence whilst working on his writing.  I understand my mother’s irrational fears as she might imagine being in my shoes out here in a relatively isolated residence for the off-season.  However, I’ve always thrived in solitude and when I’ve had my fill I seek the company of others, lest I become possessed by a demonic presence.

On the agenda for today is resumption progress on the vermicomposting and horticulture projects at The Barn.  Matt had tested the 2 bins yesterday for leaks, and one remains leaky despite the silicon sealant.  I advised him to apply a follow-up bead on the inside and outside seals to hopefully resolve the matter.  We are just waiting on worms and manure now to get things rolling.  I’ve got my parents’ lawn mower blade that needs to be taken to the bench grinder in their workshop.  On the ride over I need to pick up a pair of sink strainers to serve as a barrier between the solid matter in the bins and liquid at the spigot.  Also, I need to swing by the bank to close out an account that has been dormant for months and is now incurring monthly maintenance fees.

In common wealth,