The forecasted lake effect snow has delivered just a slushy dusting that has all but melted as temps rise above freezing on this overcast morning.  After another much-needed night’s sleep I am feeling rested, although not quite yet 100% recharged.  My folks and brother are coming out today with plans to assemble a homemade lasagna and watch #1 Notre Dame Fighting Irish seek to clinch their first ever BCS championship bid verses #19 ranked USC Trojans.  I’m enjoying a lazy, relaxing morning with some Grateful Dead streaming and a couple of loads of wash cycling through.  Tis the season to be jolly.

Yesterday was another productive visit to The Barn where we had gathered to continue progress on various projects underway.  The worm bins are complete and just need a final test for leaks today after adding an additional bead of silicone sealant and installing the hair strainers.  After planting 3 trays of wheatgrass Shawn, Matt & I retro-fitted a metal potting station with casters making it mobile so we can access the work bench, including the very handy bench grinder to sharpen tools.  As we were taking a break to assess the situation Erin made an astute suggestion to repurpose the rain barrel as a collection basin for dehumidifier run-off.  We took immediate action uncovering the buried unit from the shed outside and hauled it downstairs constructing a short platform from scrap wood dropped off by friends.  Shawn brought over a bucket of worms and Erin came through with a tote full of alpaca manure for starter bedding.  The vermicompost project is underway.

We took a much-appreciated break sitting down to a feast of leftovers that Amy had prepared for us while assembling an Anne of Green Gables cardboard model home.  The feast was so delightful that we made a pact to make it an annual tradition gathering the day after Thanksgiving to nosh on leftovers.  I also got my Frank fix, scratching and petting our feline oracle who has trained his human caretakers to absolute perfection.  He was something of a rescue cat finding his way serendipitously into a warm and loving home.  I often remind myself how fortunate I am to have found my way too.

In common wealth,