The first measurable snowfall of the season occurred this morning piling up a few inches before tapering off.  My folks and brother spent the night as we stayed up late to watch Notre Dame clinch a BCS championship bid hanging on to victory over USC.  I enjoyed having company for a change of pace from the solitude, although did not get enough sleep unfortunately.  My brother Dan’s Irish Terrier puppy, Harley, had me up at daybreak needing to get outside to do his business.  Shortly thereafter we took a drive down the road to Peppers, the local diner, and enjoyed a home-cooked breakfast, before everyone departed.  I snapped a photo of the wet snow out the kitchen window and posted it to the social network eliciting a couple of dozen likes.

After a sea salt soak I headed north driving through slushy roads to my parents’ house where we gathered to watch more football.  The Buffalo Bills put on a lackluster performance falling to the Indianapolis Colts 20-13 all but ensuring another season of missing the playoffs.  It was frustrating to watch, although as fans we cling to hope for a more favorable outcome year in and year out.  After the game I swung by The Barn to help Matt place the red worm colony into the bins.  Amy had suggested applying a bead of hot glue and sure enough that eliminated the leak from the spigot.  We’re looking forward to our first supply of vermicompost and vermitea in the weeks ahead.

I’m noticing that I’m reminiscing about my marriage as the day winds down.  A few fond memories of my ex-wife have circulated and I’m reminded that while I may be “over” her, there remains a place in my heart.  I still want for us to be friends, although I accept that this is not meant to be, at least not right now.  In my next romantic partnership, whomever she may be, must be willing to share me with other people, including single women.  To clarify, the sharing would be in an emotional form, not sexual.  Even so, emotional intimacy can be threatening.  I require a mate who understands, respects and honors my mission to inspire, empower and educate.  She must be willing to take responsibility for creation of her experience through thoughts and feelings on a progressive path of spiritual transformation.  And she must embrace the challenge and support I will offer, as she does for me in perfect balance.

In common wealth,


Don’t you know that love is the only cure for your broken heart? Love is the only cure for your broken heart